Sugar-free sweets for diabetics

Sugar-free sweets for diabetics

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Sugar-free sweets for diabetics but also for those who want to pay attention to the line. There are also cases in which with sugar it is better not to overdo it beyond the body weight we want to have. Maybe for your teeth or to keep yourself healthy with a balanced diet that cannot have an excess of sugars. The important thing, in all these cases, is that we are aware that it is possible prepare sugar-free desserts with tasty ingredients and unrefined that do not give problems even to those with intolerances.

Desserts without sugar and butter

How to make desserts without sugar and butter but with a taste that does not remember the sacrifice and does not put sadness? By doing or following the apple pie recipe made with apples, flour, yogurt and eggs. Once the dough has been prepared with flour, white yogurt, eggs and a teaspoon of yeast, it can be decorated with sliced ​​apples and add a teaspoon of cinnamon. After cooking, we get a delight that we will not suspect to be without sugar or butter. But it is.

Sweets without sugar and flour

You can cook a great one grandmother's cake without sugar and flour. It has a low glycemic index but tasty, ideal for those suffering from diabetes, including grandmother. It is gluten and soy free, does not contain dairy products but looks like a "normal" tart to be enjoyed without fear of stomach pain or allergic reactions, and not even cavities.

Sweet without sugar and yeast

There are recipes for desserts without sugar and yeast that can also be prepared for a snack, for example le mini apple cakes. You need almond flour, eggs, a pinch of whole sea salt, apples and lemon. To give cinnamon powder flavor, ground ginger and nutmeg or chopped walnuts. We will not regret the sweetened mini cakes of the pastry shop under the house.

Sweets without sugar and eggs

As in other cases, even if we do without eggs as well as sugar, we can eat gods tasty sweets without gnawing at our guts for having given up on more appetizing morsels. The recipes we tell in the article dedicated to desserts without eggs.

Sweet recipes without sugar

Before making comments and considerations on sugar-free desserts, the advice is to try to cook some yourself. Preparing them with your own hands can be almost therapeutic, because putting your hands in the dough has a relaxing effect on many. On the other hand, you can see the aromas of the ingredients and how they can create a good whole even if there is no sugar among them.

On line we can find many sugar-free dessert recipes, then we always keep in mind that when we look at the ingredients we must evaluate them by their glycemic index and not by the general quantity of sugar or calories.

The glycemic index measures the ability of a certain carbohydrate to raise blood sugar, that is, the amount of sugar contained in the blood after a meal. For those who accept the challenge, there is the book "Sweet without sugar. 100% natural & organic cuisine with low glycemic load " for starters, at 10 euros also available online.

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