How to detoxify the body

How to detoxify the body

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How to detoxify the body: here are some useful information that will help us eliminate toxins from our body. The foods to eliminate and those to choose to achieve this goal.

Stress, hectic life, the consumption of processed or refined foods lead us to accumulate toxins in the body. As a result we feel tired, exhausted and physically out of shape. Clear signs that make us understand that our body is saturated with toxins! Unfortunately, few people know the risks of continuing to store toxins in your body!

Our body triggers physiological automatisms thanks to which it is able to detoxify itself and, in a certain sense, to heal itself, but up to a certain point. But, which diet to follow to detoxify the body?

How to detoxify the body

On this page we will show you how to detoxify the body by following our instructions. If implemented regularly, we will keep our body in perfect condition.

Liquid-based fasting

Those who love rather restrictive diets will be able to appreciate this remedy. This method consists in replacing the foods that are usually eaten in a day with water, smoothies and infusions. This remedy not only effectively eliminates toxins, but also helps to expel dead cells, rejuvenate the skin and revitalize the body. However, before taking on this initiative, it is preferable to consult your doctor to make sure that there are no complications in doing some sort of fast.

The daily diet

This remedy consists in replacing unhealthy foods with those with strong purifying and diuretic properties. In this way we will feel vital and light. Just follow a few rules to live better and have a healthy colon. By applying these small eating habits on a daily basis, we can lead to a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, we recommend that you take green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruit, seeds, whole foods and white meats and obviously drink lots of water.

Lemon diet

Lemon is a very popular food also in natural medicine for its high beneficial properties. We can define it as the detoxifying food par excellence; effectively helps cleanse the blood, liver and kidneys. Just take a glass of hot water with a spoonful of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach to keep the body free of toxins.

Orange juice

Orange is a food rich in micronutrients; it has vitamins A, B2, B1, B6 and C. To benefit from its detoxifying action, simply drink an orange juice on an empty stomach.

Grape diet

Grapes are a detoxifier par excellence. It possesses Vitamin B and Sai minerals. Its regular intake can help fight various diseases and it also has laxative properties. An infusion made with its leaves can be a really effective remedy for those suffering from diarrhea and hemorrhoids.


This vegetable is rich in micronutrients; it contains folic acid, iron and vitamin A. According to experts, beetroot could also fight osteoporosis.


Apple is highly recommended for people who want to lose a few extra pounds because its high fiber content makes it ideal for purifying the body. It also contains potassium and vitamins E and C. It acts as a mild laxative, diuretic and purifying, which reduces cholesterol and keeps diabetes and hypertension under control. So, include organic apples in your daily diet and you will feel relaxed and vital.


Peach is an excellent fruit for weight loss diets due to its low calorie content. It has laxative and diuretic properties and provides the body with vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. You can eat it both as a fruit and in the form of tea, which you can prepare very easily. Put a washed and cut peach in the water and boil for a minute. Drink two cups of this lukewarm tea on an empty stomach to purify the body, moisturize the skin and rebuild tissues.


The strawberry brings iron, folic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin C to the body, but not only this: by eating it you favor the elimination of uric acid (cause of gout) and cholesterol. This fruit has diuretic and antirheumatic properties, it is anti-inflammatory and astringent. It is also used against anemia and diabetes. Eating it every day is very healthy.

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