Photovoltaic system installation: real costs

Photovoltaic system installation: real costs

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Photovoltaic system installation, because it is actually one of the solutions that turns out to be more convenient if not the ideal one for reduce the cost of the bill, saving on the cost of electricity. It is not a temporary issue, an advantage of the moment, because good quality photovoltaic panels can have a guaranteed productivity of about 25 years, at least, so you can save a lot of time. The photovoltaic system installation is therefore a life choice, a long-term investment.

Photovoltaic system installation: what to do

It is necessary to act step by step without neglecting some basic steps if we want to proceed with the installation of the photovoltaic system without getting bogged down in some catch or unexpected. Having in mind the house or building in which we want to proceed, we begin to identify and put in black and white, sheet in hand, the area in which we think it is appropriate to install our photovoltaic system, specifying what is the available surface, in square meters. Before contacting a consultant, it is a good idea to take photos of the area concerned and note your energy consumption from the previous year so he can tell us about any active state incentives that are right for us. At this point you can pass into the hands of an installer who will do apreliminary analysis on the geographical and economic feasibility of the photovoltaic system installation. This is used to understand if there is a particular type that can better respond to our energy needs for thermal efficiency. The final project is usually made after an inspection.

Photovoltaic system installation: estimate

When you ask for a estimate to understand the real costs of installing the photovoltaic system, usually when the estimate is made, it includes the overall cost of the system, the cost of the installation, the cost of the bureaucratic procedures and that of the final testing. To understand what the amortization times of the costs are, a document that indicates the electrical efficiency and the values ​​in terms of gain can also be useful. It is not mandatory but can be used to contextualize the figure written in the estimate.

THEPhotovoltaic system installation: documentation

To understand what are the necessary authorizations to proceed with the installation of the photovoltaic system, it is best for each of us to contact the municipal offices of the city where we are proceeding. By going directly to the source, misunderstandings and waste of time are avoided. Authorization is usually required if you are acting in areas with environmental restrictions or constraints. In historic centers, for example, or those that have a recognized landscape value, in monumental or architectural buildings.

Photovoltaic system installation: real costs

On the site you can easily request a quote for the installation of a 3 KW - 6 KW photovoltaic system, confident that all the possibilities of obtaining tax incentives for photovoltaics and tax deductions of 50% on the cost of the photovoltaic system will be explored. The state tax incentives for this type of intervention they have been extended until December 2017 therefore, since the cost of installing the panels has been halved, there is further savings on electricity costs.

On the same site you can also find and consider the idea of ​​having photovoltaic systems installed with and without storage in Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice but also in other less metropolitan areas, including the islands, aiming for the best quality / price ratio between i on the market.

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