Change of season: fatigue and anxiety

Change of season: fatigue and anxiety

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Change of season sometimes it also means a change of habits and it can happen that it leads to tiredness and anxiety. Nothing insurmountable, but not even a phenomenon to be overlooked, otherwise there is a risk of making the situation worse. The change of season it can be accompanied by numerous symptoms such as fatigue, depression, drowsiness, general malaise. These are temporary effectsthere and passing by without doing anything special at times. Other times it is good to find gods natural remedies to try to better live the change of season. Since there are 4 of them every year.

There is a real seasonal affective disorder, abbreviated as SAD, which includes all the mood changes that cyclically affect many of us when autumn or spring begins.

Change of season and anxiety

L'anxiety it is never pleasant, not even when it is not linked to a specific reason but even less if what disturbs us is a phenomenon we cannot oppose. That doesn't mean we don't have to acknowledge that the change of season is a critical moment, sure, if so it is fair to say, but we can find ways not to go through this period of perennial anxiety.

There are types of people who more frequently they can be prey to anxiety about the changing seasons, for example children and the elderly, those who have particularly neglected or stressful lifestyles.

Change of season: disturbances

In addition to anxiety, the change of season can lead to other types of disorders such as the sudden and continuous change of mood, fatigue, increase or decreased hunger, sleep disturbances. There are those who become more irascible or more touchy, those who are lazier which is not the same as having real Mood disorders

Change of season and fatigue

It is not just one psychological issue, related fatigue when a new season arrives, but also physical. With the change of climate our body feels the need to adapt to the new status and we can therefore be more exhausted. It is all the more important in these transition periods, adopt a healthy lifestyle and be careful about nutrition.

Sometimes it may even be appropriate to resort to specific supplements to take a correct amount of mineral salts, however, we can begin to adjust the diet, leaving ample space for bananas, mangoes, berries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, dried fruit and extra-dark chocolate.

With the arrival of summer, it is also necessary to increase the amount of vitamin of group B and then fill up with whole grains, nuts, fish and eggs, alongside foods such as raw green leafy vegetables, citrus and strawberries that are rich in vitamin C.

You can also decide to opt for a product that supplements the normal diet, there are many on the market including, also for sale on Amazon for 2 euros, the Reishi, 100% natural. The package contains 90 capsules and serves to maintain the normal functioning of our defenses, reducing tiredness and fatigue. The reishi is none other than the Ganoderma lucidumand it is widely used in Oriental Medicine.

Change of season and hunger

The change of season it can also increase or decrease appetite. It is important not to upset our eating habits even if they are our sensations are distorted by autumn or cold. Seasonal insomnia can also affect hunger, so let's try to review some daily habits, making the diet as balanced, healthy and complete as possible.

Dinner can be based on pasta but never too much. Maximum 80 grams, while let's remember that complex carbohydrates give feelings of good mood and relaxation. They are valuable too magnesium and potassium.

Change of season and migraines

Migraine is often linked to climate change, if seasonal, and the disruption of sleep rhythms. For this reason, as the change of season approaches, we are careful not to reduce the hours of sleep but to keep them at least greater than or equal to 7 for each night. It depends on the age, of course, but let us not deprive ourselves of sleep all at once and if your eye does not close, let's relax as much as possible by staying in bed with a book.

Change of season: depressionis

Depression can be a symptom of the arrival of a new season, usually in autumn and winter. Nothing irreparable but it is better to pay attention to it and find the natural remedy that's right for us.

Change of season: tips

To better manage the change of season it is good live day by day without thinking about what is to happen in the months to come. Ask yourself if we have a problem in the present and how to solve it without projecting too much into all the weeks to come.

For the onset of heat, it is essential to drink a lot and adegrade the diet by enriching it with fruit and vegetables, if we have to prepare for the cold winter, let's equip ourselves with herbal teas, dark chocolate and thick chocolate, hot and with whipped cream. Other than depression!

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