Harnesses for dogs: how to wear and types

Harnesses for dogs: how to wear and types

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Harnesses for dogs, an accessory that is not an accessory but essential if it is a question of walking a dog without running any danger, without making it run and without hurting it. It is therefore good to choose the most comfortable and suitable models. Compared to collars, dog harnesses already show some basic advantages. For example, they make the animal relax, which does not feel threatened and gets along better with the owner. In case the dog pulls too much, the force is distributed and nothing is done, it does not hurt and it does not hurt us. harnessed dogs on average tend to pull less. From the point of view of socialization, dog harnesses do not prevent animals from interacting with their peers, they do not limit movements and do not give negative sensations.

Harnesses for large dogs

For those in size L-XL and XXL the most suitable harnesses for dogs are the so-called “scapular”, X-shaped. They are often seen around, they are known and used a lot. They are fine because they do not constrict the shoulder area and therefore do not cause damage to the joints. These dog harnesses, however, can rub and cause irritation, so they are suitable for large and tame animals, not for those who pull like madmen.

Harnesses for H-shaped dogs

The best of dog harnesses is that Swedish, made in H. It is said also of Feltmann, or "alla romana", whatever you call it, remains the best. Its greatest advantage is the fact that it never hurts the dog even if it pulls a lot. L'hook is shifted towards the back, so it does not pull or rub on the neck, trachea, back, shoulders or front limbs.

The laces of this one bib rest on the chest and trunk, do not touch the armpits and therefore there is no risk of them rubbing. It is excellent because there are many sizes, so it can best adhere to the dog's body by distributing the force equally on the dog. This is a advantage also for owners who take their dog friends for a walk.

Harnesses for small dogs

For small dogs they are fine harnesses for dogs to H or those to X if it comes to animals that are not too lively. There are also bibs equipped with rings on the chest but also on the back and neck, in three points, which they adhere well even to the bodies of smaller dogs.

Harnesses for floating dogs

Floating harnesses are gods life jackets for dogs that completely envelop his body and ensure that he remains afloat without forcing him to struggle or to try to emerge without great results. They are also equipped with a head support which is needed more than anything else if the water is a little rough.

Harnesses for guide dogs

THE guide dogs they need a harness with specific characteristics because they are animals that are called upon to perform uncommon tasks. They are special and special must be treated. Usually these harnesses are made of high quality leather and have a short handle and another longer handle, the latter of metal, covered with leather.

The harnesses for guide dogs they are also equipped with a reflective strip so that the dog is visible even in the dark.

Harnesses for dogs: how to put it on

To thread the harness to a dog it is not necessary a course or a tutorial, it is intuitive and it is explained in the instructions with which it is sold to us. On Amazon we can find one very practical at 39 euros, adjustable and with protective shell, of various sizes. For the first time, we do not force the dog to wear it but reassure it and cuddle it, and then put it on, so that it does not interpret it as a trap but as a "dress" to put on for a walk.

Harnesses for female dogs

The best harnesses for female dogs are the same ones recommended for male dogs, regardless of the color that I let each of us choose. I have a female dog but she has one blue bib, next time, I'll buy it green. The important thing is that the harnesses for dogs do not hurt and do not inflame. Even the Norwegian Y-shaped model is not bad: the leash hooks into the fabric ring placed above it and leaves the legs free.

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