Walking the dog is good for you

Walking the dog is good for you

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Walking the dog is good for you to the body and mind. And also to the dog. It is often said that the dog is brought to do his business or to stretch his 4 legs but in truth it is us in the first place who want and need to take a walk in his silent and comforting company. It is not just a personal feeling, to benefit from it, it is a proven thing.

Walking the dog makes you lose weight

Whether there is a dog or not, walking is good, but walking the dog is a little different. First of all it forces us to take a daily walk, with a good pace and without too many stops, and helps us to remain faithful to our purposes because our furry friend will want to go every day even if we do not get lazy.

In addition to getting back online, however, walking the dog also serves to restore a good mood because it not only improves the cardiovascular system, but increases self-esteem, promoting social relations.

Walking the dog in summer? Find out how to protect your dog from the heat and the sun.

Walking the dog is good for you

Even those who do not need to lose weight can benefit from walking the dog. It's good for the heart, as many studies show, e it's good for the mood and even the most shy are encouraged to relate to their neighbors or other dog owners by acquiring a greater self-confidence which will lead them to open up.

To say this is a study conducted by researchers of the University of Western Australia which has focused on the life of entire neighborhoods by analyzing it from this point of view.

Anyone who is not shy can still walk the dog for your cardiovascular system knowing that a walk 5 times a week with the animal on a leash is recommended for everyone, even those who are already well.

Walk the dog on a leash

Except in dog areas, often found in neighborhood parks and gardens, the dog it must be kept on a leash. There are various types and models, for those who have an agitated animal there is this "No-tangle" leash with adjustable cord, great for walking the dog.

Walk the dog off the leash

Walking the dog but without the leash is not a good idea. It is not a paranoia of those who do not love dogs or are afraid of them, it is an indication that comes from the law. The regulations in fact they forbid us to leave dogs unattended in public places or otherwise frequented by people, to prevent aggressive or uncontrollable behavior by the animal.

This must then be integrated with the municipal regulation of the city where we want to Walk with the dog which could add other indications or limitations. Those who break the law may also find themselves a pay fines ranging from 50 to 300 euros.

Walk the dog in the mountains

If the dog is not too small, of age and size, I recommend that you take it to the mountains with you. He will have fun and you too will have fun walking in nature with him next to you. There is also one demanding discipline but very exciting that sees the dog and its owner as protagonists. And the Canicross.

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