Walking to lose weight

Walking to lose weight

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Walking to lose weight, lose weight by walking and avoiding the sometimes absurd diets with prohibitive sacrifices that make us sad and not much leaner than ever. Walking to lose weight is a great reason, but you can also walk to stay healthy without necessarily having the goal of losing weight. Stay healthy and also in a good mood, be creative. Yes, because the idea that walking the ideas are more fluid and you have some brilliant thoughts.

This does not mean becoming peripatetic but provide some space for walking during the week, alone or in company, listening to the radio or silence. If you want to walk to lose weight and are a little overweight, don't overdo it: better not to exceed 2 Km, but exercise 3 times a week, until the body gains more resistance.

Lose weight by walking

Losing weight while walking is possibleis not a way of saying. Of course, the results are not immediate but they are lasting which is the most important thing. Furthermore, the habit of walking to lose weight, even once you reach your desired weight, it can remain a great way to stay fit and healthy.

By walking we can streamline those parts that are most subject to greasing: the hips and belly. We also tone the whole body by increasing metabolism. In the long run they can also be registered cardiovascular and psychological benefits.

Fast walk

Walking to lose weight does not mean walking fast, on the contrary, it is just the opposite. If our intent is to lose weight, walking must be slow and regular. Constant. Better to alternate a fast pace with a slower one, 5 minutes slow and 60 seconds at a fast pace, and then proceed with an average pace for another 10 minutes. At the end of our walking to lose weight, let's not forget 5 minutes of cool down stretching.

Walking is good for you

While we don't need to lose weight, we do need exercise, especially if we spend our days sitting at our desk. Walking is used to tone the various muscle groups in the body, both in the lower and upper part, and to improve our cardiovascular capacity.

Walking to lose weight, not only makes you lose weight but reduces the risk of diabetes and cholesterol problems, increases lung capacity and eliminates stress. Let's not forget the fact that walking, puts you in a good mood and improves memory.

Shoes for walking

It is essential to have good shoes for to walk. It is an aspect on which many "fall", because for the race, we are all careful to choose the more beautiful and performing shoes, neglecting this important accessory when instead of running, we walk.

When we decide to walk to lose weight, let's equip ourselves with comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes. Great if, in addition to these essentials, we also get more specific accessories that can help us understand how our training is going. I refer to the indicators of distance traveled and speed, keeping track of calories and heart rate.

Walk together

Especially at the beginning, it is important to find someone to walk, if we have to walk to lose weight. We motivate each other and get distracted, we don't think about fatigue and we optimize time by socializing. They exist today, at least in the bigger cities, real groups of walkers who organize some in the parks in the morning moments to walk together

Walking calorie consumption

If you walk every day, for a total of 45 minutes in a week, you can burn up to 1,300 calories. Walking does not mean running, this estimate refers to a walk at medium speed, which we can all keep. Don't get out of breath, you don't need to lose weight, on the contrary!

Walking in pregnancy

Unless specific medical prescriptions, walking is good during pregnancy, because it helps circulation and breathing. Not to mention the effect it has on mood, a positive effect which in pregnancy can only be appreciated. Doubly welcome.

Walking: tips

"Go by foot. Walking philosophy " is the book of Frédéric Gros which I recommend to those who want to deepen the art of walking. It is a text full of reflections, never boring, indeed, which reveals gods additional benefits of walking which have little to do with losing weight.

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