Flowers in the shade, which ones to grow

Flowers in the shade, which ones to grow

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Flowers in the shade: flowering plants to grow in the shady area of ​​the garden as well as on the north-facing balcony.

Theplants to grow in the shadethey are calledSciafile, the more resistant ones are even able to thrive in low light situations. Generally, the most intense scifile plants are grown indoors, in rooms with a light exposure that is not optimal for the life of the most common ornamental plants. We have already talked about it on the page dedicated to low light houseplants. On this page we will focus on flowering plants to grow outdoors, on balconies and terraces not very bright or in the areas of garden in the shade.

Flowers in the shade

Thereflowering plantsto be grown in shaded areas of the garden or on terraces and balconies where shade reigns, they are numerous. Don't worry, you don't have a limited choice even if your garden doesn't get good sun exposure. Here are a fewflowering plants to grow in full shade.


It is among the most popular garden plants and ... yes, it prefers to be grown in shady places. Hydrangea can also be grown in pots, taking care to use a soil for acidophilic plants. When grown in the shade, hydrangea flowers last longer! For all information: how to grow hydrangeas.


Thanks to the lobelia we can have a flowered balcony every year, when the good seasons arrive. Lobelia can also be grown in the shade and offers flowers throughout the summer. It can be grown both in the garden and in pots. With hanging planters, it is possible to drop a cascade of flowers and vegetation to show off along the railings.

Rhizomatous flowering plants: calla, lily of the valley, muscari, anemone ...

Like bulbous plants, summer-spring flowering rhizomatous plants also seem to disappear in autumn, when the entire aerial part disappears and only the fleshy root remains in the soil. The roots, with the arrival of spring, will develop new buds and new flowers.

Betweenflowering plants in the shadewith rhizome, we point out the lilies of the valley and the muscari. Lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis, has very fragrant flowers. Muscari belong to the liliaceae family and the botanical name isMuscari armeniacum. Muscari are characterized by spikes of blue flowers that do not emit any aroma.

Equally suitable for cultivation in shady areas of the garden is the calla. Today, there are a large number of varieties, including dwarf-sized hybrids. Calla dwarf does not exceed 30 cm and is suitable for growing in pots. For all the information on the cultivation and care for calla lily: grow calla lilies in pots or in the garden.

The white anemone is another rhizomatous species fromcultivate in the shade. The stem is about 30 cm tall and produces showy, very elegant flowers.


Primula vialii or Primula littoniana, is a perennial plant which, generally, does not exceed 30 cm in height. It blooms between May and June with purple-red flowers. It should be grown in pots or in the ground, the only need is to have a basically acidic soil to be kept moist especially during flowering.

Flowers for shaded balconies and north-facing balconies

For completeness, we refer you to the page dedicated to flowering plants to grow on the terrace or on the north-facing balcony, as well as on the balcony in the shade. In the article dedicated to "balcony flowers in the shade" we talked about, among other things, also about:

  • Astilbe
    It blooms from June to September
  • Christmas rose
    Very resistant to cold
  • Surfinia
  • Fucisa
  • Fritillaria meleagris
    It is sensitive to cold
  • Violets and violets
  • Dwarf nasturtium
  • Ice Cream Tulips
    It is among the few varieties of tulips to be grown in the shade. It blooms between April and May.
  • Colored begonia
  • Impatiens
  • Elder
    It blooms from June.

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