Laser hair removal, how it works

Laser hair removal, how it works

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Laser hair removal, how and when it works. Let's talk about the side effects, efficacy and functioning of laser hair removal treatment. Info on costs, number of sessions and best laser technology.

L'laser hair removalis a practice ofbody hair removalwhich uses pulses of different wavelengths to destroy thehair follicle.

Here in Italy it is considered a recent technique, however thelaser hair removalit has existed since 1990 and the safety of this practice is reported in various dermatology researches (see bibliographic notes).

Laser hair removal, how it works

The principle ofoperationof thelaser treatment for hair removalfocuses on the phenomenon ofselective photothermolysis (LPS).

In practice, a beam of light at a certain wavelength is "fired" on the skin tissue. To do fromtargetare thehair follicles. How does the laser manage to selectively target the hair follicles? Thanks to melanin.

The laser manages to locally overheat the hair follicles thanks to the melanin which acts as a chromophore.

Melanin is the pigment that makes our skin more or less light or dark. Melanin also colors hair (including hair). There are two types of melanin in hair.

The eumelanin typical of black and brown hair and the pheomelanin, typical of blond and red hair. Thelaser treatment to remove hairis more effective with eumelanin, therefore thelaser hair removal worksbest with those with brown hair and light skin!

Due to the selective absorption of photons (emitted by the laser) sol

Laser hair removal, does it work?

Clarified the functioning of the laser treatment for hair removal, let's talk about results right away.

Yes, in principle it can be said that laser treatment works and can give very long-lasting results.

Light skin and dark hair are the ideal combination to get the best out of laser hair removal. The new lasers have also proven effective on light hair and dark skin. For this reason, before choosing or not a specific laser hair removal treatment, it is better to make an appointment and understand which technology to use.

Having clarified that the technology itself works, it is important to say that the effectiveness also depends a lot on the experience of the operator who implements the treatment.

In the article"Laser or pulsed light hair removal"I explained to you the different laser treatments on the market and which ones are best suited to your skin type and hair color. I also highlighted the abysmal difference between devices for laser hair removal at home and those used in medical centers.

L'laser hair removal worksand leads to along-term reduction opermanent of hair growth. This means that, in the worst case, laser hair removal can permanently reduce the total number of your hairs, very convenient for areas that are sensitive to waxing such as the groin or armpit.

Diode laser, alexandrite or pulsed light

A 2006 article published by the magazine "Lasers in Medical Science"Compared the technology aintense pulsed light(IPL) and two types of technologylaser, diode laser and alexandrite. The review noted that the one with the most side effects was diode laser technology although thediode laser treatmentproved to be the most effective.

In detail, after six months, the reduction in hair density highlighted amounts to a percentage of:

  • 71.7% with the diode laser
  • 68.75% with the alexandrite laser
  • 66.96% with pulsed light

Side effects highlighted:

  • 28.9% with the diode laser
  • 15.3% with pulsed light
  • 9.5% with the alexandrite laser

Forside effectsit means redness of the skin, slight burning, slight tingling and alteration of skin pigmentation. It is aboutside effectsiscontraindicationscompletely transient which fall within a period ranging from a few days to a few months after treatment.

Laser hair removal, how many treatments and costs

Therelaser hair removalit became popular due to its speed and effectiveness. The number and duration of treatments depends on the laser technology used and on the personal phototype.

Treatments are longer for large areas. Complete laser hair removal of the legs may require up to 8 treatments. For small areas, 3 - 5 treatments may be enough. The most difficult area to treat is the face.

For the costs, it all depends on the number of treatments and the area to be depilated. They range from 80 up to 250 euros.

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