Dysgeusia causes, symptoms and remedies

Dysgeusia causes, symptoms and remedies

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There are far more people suffering from it than they know the name, remedies and possible causes. I refer to the dysgeusia, or that disorder characterized by the distortion or weakening of the sense of taste. We do not go into alarm if due to a cold, we do not feel the flavors for a few days, even the hottest, there is talk of longer periods and more "disturbing" disorders.

Dysgeusia: causes

When an alteration or one is perceived reduction of the ability to perceive and distinguish flavors, the causes can be different. One of them are lingual and / or oropharyngeal infections and inflammations. However, there are cases in which dysgeusia can also be a symptom of the presence of congenital malformations or ear diseases such as herpes zoster oticus. Diseases of the respiratory system, such as sinusitis and rhinitis are also possible causes of dysgeusia.

If in the various possible reasons, we cannot find the one that "suits us", then we must also explore the universe of psychiatric disorders which can equally lead to problems related to the sense of taste. Two names for all: schizophrenia and anorexia nervosa.

Returning to the causes most related to the body, dysgeusia can appear as a result of one lesion of the trigeminal nerve and glossopharyngeal, facial palsy, brain stem tumor, head trauma or stroke. Also severe kidney failure it is one of the causes to question.

Dysgeusia: symptoms

The symptoms of dysgeusia are soon explained in its definition. Consists in the alteration or weakening of the ability to perceive and distinguish flavors. Once we realize that it is not a passing sensation, given by a cold, for example, it is better to consult a specialist. Not so much because we do not feel the tastes, which is not pleasant but not serious in itself, but because dysgeusia is often a symptom of a different pathology.

Dysgeusia and bitterness in the mouth

One of the forms of this disorder is the feeling of bitterness in the mouth. In addition to not perceiving flavors normally, therefore, there is always bitterness in the mouth, and not in a metaphorical sense. Feels like sucking on one of those bitter pills, all day, feeling that bad taste even in the throat and almost in the belly.

In this case, for example, among the most probable causes, but always to be ascertained with a doctor, there are dental pathologies, oropharyngeal tumors, gastroesophageal reflux, nutritional deficiencies of zinc, exposure to toxic chemical-industrial substances.

Dysgeusia: natural remedies

To find a remedy for dysgeusia, it is essential to understand where it comes from. The causes are so diverse, from physical to psychological problems, that it is not possible to indicate universal natural remedies. There would be the risk of "covering" the symptom, underestimating the fact that it can hide problems to be treated specifically and with the help of a doctor.

In the first place, a doctor directs us to clinical findings more adequate also based on our personal health conditions, and then gradually more complex and specific tests in order to get to the origin of the problem.

Sometimes you need drugs, sometimes not, still other drugs are at the root of the problem. Dysgeusia can be a side effect in taking medications (including antibiotics, anticholinergics, antihistamines, ACE inhibitors, antidepressants and antineoplastics) and in radiotherapy to the head or neck.

Dysgeusia in pregnancy

In pregnancy is quite frequent that the perception of taste is altered and in this case, rather than intervening, it is better to have patience because it is a disorder linked to this condition which is by definition temporary. Also there menopause can have the same effects, the same goes for smoking, alcoholism and poor oral hygiene. Except for menopause, these are conditions that we can change with a little good will.

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