Natural DIY peeling

Natural DIY peeling

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Natural DIY peeling: here's how to eliminate toxins and give the skin shine and softness. The recipe to prepare an excellent peeling directly at home, with natural ingredients.

What good reason do we have for not taking care of ourselves more often? Out of laziness, lack of time but above all to save money we tend to neglect the skin of our body. Without a doubt, our skin needs care and attention; the role it plays in our life is of primary importance because a well-groomed and healthy skin makes us safer and more relaxed in relationships with others.

The skin is not simply that part of the body that must be taken care of only for aesthetic reasons! In fact, it is an organ that protects us from dehydration, allows the absorption of oxygen and the elimination of waste products from the organism ...

So let's learn how to prepare our beauty treatments at home! Fast and cheap: here are some tips to prepare a natural DIY peeling. A few ingredients and some precautions are enough to have excellent natural peelings at home with results that match a beauty salon.

Why prepare a peeling?

The cells in our skin are constantly renewing themselves and those that die remain on the surface until other new cells replace them. With peels we can improve the natural regeneration of epithelial cells and have a healthy and velvety skin.

If you do a peel from time to time, you will have the following benefits:

  • Promotes the appearance of new epithelial cells
  • Activates the formation of collagen
  • Improve blood flow
  • Helps prevent wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Makes the skin softer
  • Eliminate dead cells
  • Prevents skin blemishes
  • Helps the skin regain its natural radiance

However, peelings should not be abused, it is important to respect the natural processes of cell regeneration. For this reason, we recommend that you do one peel per week.

Do-it-yourself natural peeling, what we need

On the market we find different peels but in our opinion, they can damage the skin. On the contrary, there are numerous natural, less aggressive and cheaper options, which we will show you on this page

To prepare a natural peeling you need an ingredient that can effectively exfoliate the skin.You can choose from the following ingredients according to the area and the problem to be treated:

  • Bicarbonate: it is delicate and has an alkaline composition, ideal for the skin and sensitive areas.
  • Sugar: it is of medium intensity.
  • Coarse salt: suitable for less sensitive areas with circulation problems, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.

Once you have chosen from these basic ingredients, just add a vegetable oil:

  • Dry skin: linseed and / or rosehip oil
  • Mixed and normal: coconut or almond oil
  • Oily: aloe vera gel or coconut oil
    olive oil

To enhance the benefits of your peeling you can add a few drops of essential oil:

  • Orange: invigorating
  • Lemon: purifying, ideal for cleaning the skin
  • Geranium: to regenerate the skin
  • Rosemary: to improve circulation
  • Tea tree: for acne skin
  • Palmarosa: for skin with severe forms of acne

Do-it-yourself natural peeling, preparation and use

To perform the peeling, simply mix the ingredients well and transfer the mixture into a hermetically sealed glass jar to be stored in a cool and dry place or in the refrigerator.


  1. Carefully wash the area to be treated without drying
  2. Apply the mixture on the affected area and massage gently making circular movements making circles. Be careful to avoid sensitive parts such as the eye area. If you are peeling on the thighs or buttocks, etc. it is possible to apply a little more pressure until circulation is activated
  3. Leave for 5 minutes then wash the area with water
  4. Apply a preferably natural moisturizer

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