Pollina fertilizer: doses and price

Pollina fertilizer: doses and price

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Pollina, a precious because organic fertilizer and therefore a friend of the environment in general and of those who want to cultivate, in large or small land, without damaging the Earth and obtaining products that are as chemically treated as possible.

Manure fertilizer in particular is recommended especially for long cycle vegetables and for those vegetables that are particularly demanding such as solanaceae and cucurbits. If these names don't tell you anything, think of potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants, and squash, courgette, cucumbers, melons and watermelons.

Manure pollen: composition

It is also allowed in biological agriculture, manure manure, and this must already make us realize that its composition is completely natural. It is made by excrements of hens, poultry and other birds which then must be composted, however, not to rush the risk that they transmit diseases to plants.

If we consider this fertilizer comparing it to other types of fertilizers, we note that it contains less organic nitrogen, most of In fact, the nitrogen contained is in the form of ammonia and uric acid. With the rains, nitrogen washes away more easily than manure, and therefore manure as a ground fertilizer is not recommended at all.

Pollina fertilizer: doses

There are some serious risks for our plants and also for large-scale cultivation when manure is used in exaggerated or too scarce quantities. The fact that it is a natural fertilizer should certainly not encourage us to use it randomly, as if it only had a placebo effect.

If you use too much, or don't expect it to mature, droppings can ruin plants by burning them, even in the root system, making the soil more saline in general. An XXL dose of manure not required, he does increasing the vegetative strength of horticultural plants and paying for this effect are the fruits.

What makes this fertilizer so “powerful and dangerous” is his high content of nutrients, much higher than that of other animals' manure, it is no coincidence, in fact, that poultry was chosen to produce it.

However, a fertilizer of this type should be used in moderate doses which means, to get an idea, about 1 or 2 hectograms of composted manure for every square meter of vegetable garden to be fertilized. To be more precise, it is necessary to know what kind of plant residues were used in composting it, we can ask the manufacturer.

Pollina fertilizer for tomato

The tomato is one of the vegetables with which it is advisable to use manure, even better if we also have a chicken coop near our garden. So we can use the droppings of our chickens directly as organic fertilizer for our tomatoes and then for our salads to offer to our guests. All a Km zero, indeed, at zero meters, or almost.

We can prepare the ground creating states of manure, alternated with others with straw and other organic vegetable residues such as cut grass and kitchen scraps. So, by waiting a year, we get some organic fertilizer to use with tomatoes.

Manure pollen: price

A bag of droppings of 25 kg online on Amazon can cost around 23 euros and is effective in increasing the fertility of our soil. If we use it with the correct doses, often reported on the package.

Containing organic substance humified and active in abundance, this fertilizer improves the microbiological, physical and chemical characteristics of the soil in a short time. It is ideal for both restoration and maintenance of soil fertility. In addition to big bags, we can find manure manure also in pallets such as manure, in nurseries and agricultural centers. Remember to always check the labels.

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