Brown sugar and white sugar

Brown sugar and white sugar

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Differences between brown sugar and white sugar. Which sugar is less harmful and what are the health risk factors. Info and advice.

White sugar

Thewhite sugaralso known as refined sugar or granulated sugar, it is a product derived fromsugar caneor from sugar beet. Unlike raw cane sugar (commonly called cane sugar), white sugar undergoes further purification treatment.

White sugar is found "hidden" in 74% of packaged products that we commonly find in the supermarket. Yes, the food industry adds it almost everywhere.

Brown sugar (better defined as raw sugar), actually hurts as much as refined sugar (white sugar), in fact it is often produced starting from white sugar.

Brown sugar

It's easy to sayBrown sugar! There are actually several types and, if you are wonderingwhich sugar is less harmful, it would be too simplistic to answer by saying"Brown sugar".

In fact, each type of sugar has been associated with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, as well as overweight, obesity and other metabolic diseases, but the cane sugar supplement seems to be the least harmful. Let's see in detail the various types of Brown sugar.

  • Crystalline cane sugar
  • Whole cane sugar
  • Mascavo cane sugar
  • Panela cane sugar

There is crystalline cane sugar which is generally native to Mauritius. If you have ever heard ofDemerara cane sugar, know that we are talking about the least virtuous product from a food point of view. TheDemerara cane sugarthat we find on the market, it is very often produced starting from refined white sugar. Yes, you have the illusion of buying a healthier product instead treated with dyes!

Then there is it whole cane sugar which is the most valuable because it is processed in a more natural way and largely preserves the nutritional properties of sugar cane.

There is mascavo brown sugar formed by coarse granules that dissolve very easily. Moscavo cane sugar is just as valuable, the treatment stops at the previous stage of refining, thus obtaining a darker sugar which contains about 95% of sugars. Then there is it brown sugar panela with a floury consistency that is sold either in blocks to be grated or in a floury form. It is ideal for sweetening hot and cold drinks or for preparing healthier desserts. Thebrown sugar panelais a type ofbrown sugar, therefore very valuable.

It is not easy to find it on the marketwhole cane sugarand natural (untreated and derived from organic farming). For the purchase, you can contact the fair trade centers or using the online purchase. On Amazon a 1 kg package of whole and untreated cane sugar (the sugar cane juice is only brought to the boil and dried) is offered at a price of 15.99 euros with free shipping costs.

For all the info, I refer you to the official page:whole cane sugar and BIO type Panela.

Colored cane sugar

As in all cases, even when you buy it Brown sugar it is good to read the label! If there is a trace of E150c, it means that our cane sugar has been treated with a synthetic dye that makes the grains darker and then it has been processed with chemicals to make it look as similar as possible to the real one.

The article may be of interest: sugar cane juice.

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Source: University of California San Francisco - SugarScience

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