Hair loss treatments: what it is

Hair loss treatments: what it is

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Hair loss treatments, the result of a research activity that for years has been trying to offer remedies against hair loss and products that prevent it more and more effectively. That of cadd hair it is not a problem that only afflicts that stereotype of an aging man who begins to show a receding hairline, but it affects men and women, and not just over 70.
Bioscalin® Signal Revolution is one of the products that they can take away many worries to those who fear or are already having to manage hair loss.

Bioscalin® hair loss treatments at Cosmofarma

It can be due to stress or one inadequate nutrition which leads to food shortages, or even to gods genetic factors which, beyond age, lead to hair loss.

There are cases in which drugs affect the mechanisms of hair growth and cause it to thin out but these are perhaps treatments that cannot be stopped. So here is that i hair loss treatments of quality are a real salvation. Those of Bioscalin® are the result of a continuous search for innovation that stands out in the field of Hair Growth Therapy and that a Cosmofarma.

On the occasion of this initiative which every year attracts experts in the sector, Bioscalin® presented its novelties, excellent products capable of promoting growth and curbing hair loss.

The power of hair loss treatments proposed is linked to the presence of S-R molecule, discovered by Giuliani in collaboration with the most expert researchers in the world of hair biology. This protagonist is capable of stimulate the OR2AT4, sensory receptor present in the hair follicle, conveying a signal to the hair that influences its life cycle. This is how i work cutting-edge hair loss treatments which stimulate hair growth and lengthening of the shaft.

Signal Revolution Lotion hair loss treatment

The Signal Revolution hair loss treatment is a lotion, therefore it falls into the category of topical ones but no less effective. It is capable of send hair growth signals, has an intensive strengthening and redensifying effect. All thanks to the molecule and the S-R patent which allow the sending of a growth signal to OR2AT4, a sensory receptor present in the hair follicle.

This Signal Revolution Lotion hair loss treatment it is recommended to counteract diffuse thinning and intense fall, it manages to restore density and volume to the hair, restoring its original beauty, or rather, enhancing it. From a practical point of view, this lotion penetrates quickly so it is not greasy and does not weigh down, moreover it is paraben-free and after 12 weeks, if applied daily, it gives significant results.

There Recommended “dose” consists of 6 droppers per day, to be applied to the scalp, with dry or damp hair, starting from the most thinned areas, without rinsing.

Signal Revolution Shampoo hair loss treatment

To support, or rather, assist, the action of Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment in lotion, there is this shampoo designed specifically to optimize its effectiveness. It is always a help, but in the case of fragile and thinning hair, it is highly recommended.

Thanks to Scalp Care technology, this shampoo gently cleanses the skin without attacking it, if there are irritation, it is soothing. It also contributes to the creation of a good balance around the hair bulb so that i hair loss treatments can work best.

Signal Revolution Shampoo contains a mix of osmoprotectors which make the hair stronger and more resistant, the Panthenol which gives volume and shine, it does not contain SLES, SLS and Parabens.

For more information you can visit the official Bioscalin website.

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