Mini gardens: how to make them

Mini gardens: how to make them

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Mini gardens to create on the balcony or in a maxi garden, to embellish some corners that risk being neglected, perhaps because they are out of the way. Mini gardens also at home or on the streets of a city that wants to be more beautiful for those who live there and for those who visit it as a tourist. There are small gardens for all tastes, they are miniature gardens but no less interesting and important for the “green” contribution they give. To make sure there is everything we want, even if the garden is mini, we can use a garden design software.

Mini gardens: how to make them

It is not at all difficult to create a mini gardenwith your own hands and according to your tastes, indeed, it is a relaxing and even creative pastime, also excellent for spending some time with children and grandchildren, if it happens. What we may need is a vase of flowers, not too big, a climbing plant, including a stick to support it, some support logs, paper, even thick paper, scissors and cutter, hot glue and many small plants.

By mixing these ingredients and adding accessories that we like to have in our mini garden, we will get a little magical green corner, equipped withgardening toolssuitable and with ideas to implementmodern design gardensto scale.

Mini zen gardens

They also call them Fairy Garden, mini gardens, if green, but they can be zen and usually, in this case, they are mostly composed of sand, rocks, shells, water.

However, they are of incomparable beauty. THE mini zen gardens they are suitable, for example, in those houses where there is no favorable microclimate for other plants, or in corners of the garden where the sun never shines. Or, on an office desk, since just seeing them, they relax.

Mini indoor garden

As mentioned, you can very well create and host mini gardens within the home and without any inconvenience. Just understand what plants to insert and how to get these green corners do not create clutter or dirt. If we don't know where to start, then we can count on the set for mini garden for indoors available at 31 euros on Amazon.

Japanese mini gardens

The mini Japanese garden it is one of the most difficult to compose and maintain but it is actually one of the most fascinating. And furnishes any environment, even if sophisticated. We can use pots, small plants, sand and stones and then indulge ourselves with other elements inspired by the rules that apply in non-mini Japanese gardens. Which I told in the article dedicated to the Japanese garden. So we will get similar, but also suitable for those who only have a terrace.

Mini succulent gardens

Mini gardens with succulents are the most widespread because they are simple to keep and think about. And then, succulents have charm, many bloom colorfully, they adapt to interiors as well as gardens and forgive the distracted who do not treat them obsessively.

Mini table garden

Because instead of the usual ones center table don't they bring mini gardens? If well packaged, so that they do not dirty, they can be arranged as furniture items on the table as well as in a piece of furniture. In this case it is better to focus on succulent plants or moss instead of ivy and dwarf trees, or opt for Zen solutions with stones and sand.

Mini bonsai gardens

Those with bonsai are mini gardens for experts, they are beautiful but it is not at all trivial to create them and keep them vigorous. But if we are able to take care of it, we can think of making them in the shape of an enchanted village complete with a small house, or inside a semi-broken vase, or pretending it is a village of gnomes.

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