How to grow lavender

How to grow lavender

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How to grow lavender: instructions for growing lavender in the garden or in pots. Pruning, fertilization and advice for abundant blooms.

  • Sowing
  • Flowering
  • Cultivation
  • Cultivation in pots
  • Multiplication by cuttings
  • How to dry lavender
  • Lavender on the skin

Period for sowing lavender

There lavender, with its intense and fragrant flowering, it is among the most popular aromatic plants in cultivation both in the garden and on the terrace.

It is a herbaceous species that easily adapts to different environmental and climatic conditions: in the south it even develops spontaneously in stony soils. Its bushy shape makes the lavender a perfect plant for creating a hedge in the garden, thus giving color and fragrance to the entire green space.

Lavender, flowering

How much does lavender bloom? The long-awaited flowering occurs in the summer. Indicatively, flowering begins in the first half of June. Flowering lasts just over a month.

Period for sowing lavender

When is lavender sown? The ideal time to sow the lavender it falls in April but can also be planted in autumn. Lavender is a hardy plant that is very resistant to both cold and heat.

It can also be cultivated in mountainous areas with high altitudes (700 - 1200 meters) and, during the vegetative rest, it can resist temperatures down to -20 ° C. Let's see in detail how to grow lavender, following the necessary indications.

How to grow lavender

Here is a series of useful tips for those who intendgrow lavender.

  • Exposure
    Prefer very sunny and ventilated environments. Choose a very bright position so you will avoid that the plant grows crooked to chase the sun's rays.
  • Preparation of the implant
    Before planting, work the soil deeply with a digging of at least 40-50 centimeters.
  • Irrigation
    Do not water the plant excessively, being careful to avoid stagnation of water. When watering the plants, be careful not to wet the aerial part, to avoid the appearance of fungi and other plant diseases linked to too much humidity.
  • Ground
    Avoid cultivation in clayey and excessively acidic soils, prefer calcareous ones.
  • Distance between one plant and another
    When planting the seedlings, leave a space of 40 cm between one plant and another. Lavender is a bushy plant and needs space. Keep this rule in mind even if you intend growing lavender in pots.
  • Blooming lavender
    To promote flowering, make a light periodic fertilization.
  • Lavender pruning
    At the end of flowering, slightly prune the plant to favor the subsequent production of new flowering branches. Pruning the lavender is simple, the bush will stay thick and lush for longer and so it will be possible to pick up fragrant flowers whenever we want.

To have abundant blooms

In view of flowering and with the rising temperatures in early spring, you can provide the plant with a specific fertilizer.

A good supply of fertilizer (liquid or soluble granular) rich in microelements and with an NPK 4-6-6 ratio will be necessary.

Nitrogen (N) will help vegetation and the development of new photosynthetic tissues. Phosphorus will help support good plant vigor while potassium and trace elements will improve blooms. A fertilizer of this kind is ideal for having abundant blooms.

Fertilizers with an NPK 4-6-6 ratio are easy to find. On Amazon, a one-liter bottle can be bought for 5.65 euros and free shipping. Once again, we refer you to the official page:Gesal, fertilizer for geraniums(on the package it says geraniums but, in reality, you can use it for any flowering plants!). Also on Amazon, there are also specific for lavender but they are the same… they are just more expensive. To choose a good fertilizer, just read the ratio between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Cultivation of lavender in pots

If the soil in the garden is fertile and you are satisfied with what nature will offer you, you can even omit fertilization because lavender, as already mentioned, is a very rustic plant. For anyone planning to start onecultivation in potsthe rules change.

In pots it will be essential to fertilize the lavender and periodically renew the soil. All the instructions are listed in the guide dedicated to growing lavender in pots:growing lavender in pots.

Lavender, multiplication by cuttings

To obtain new specimens, you can make cuttings in spring or at the end of summer: it will be sufficient to take some lateral branches, which will subsequently have to be rooted in a vase filled with peat and sand.

How to dry lavender

There lavender lends itself very well to floral compositions. How to prepare dried lavender? The flowers can be dried in a dark, dry and ventilated environment. Just make some bunches to hang "upside down" in a suitable environment. Once dried, the lavender flowers can be placed in cloth bags to perfume the linen or create aromatic pot-pourri. The bunch of lavender can also be used as a centerpiece. For further information, please refer to the guide article: how to make dried flowers.

Lavender on the skin: use and contraindications

Lavender essential oil can also be used by applying it directly to the skin, as a natural remedy for insect bites, erythema and irritation due to contact with jellyfish.

In these cases, lavender oil must simply be applied to the skin and should never be ingested.

There are no particular contraindications to the use of lavender oil, although it is best to avoid using it on damaged or cracked skin. Episodes of allergic dermatitis have been found only in very rare cases.

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