Super metabolism diet: menu and scheme

Super metabolism diet: menu and scheme

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Super metabolism diet, told and disseminated above all through a book, is a diet that has particular characteristics. It is interesting to get to know them and learn more, not letting the name dazzle you "Supermetabolism diet" but not even by remaining suspicious and judging before knowing what it is. Let's see what this idea offers us that Haylie Pomroy published. It is proposed to make those who follow it lose 10 kg in just 4 weeks. Like ? In a healthy way? What I recommend is that you read, and don't make any decisions before talking to a doctor.

Super metabolism diet: scheme

One of the first things to know about super metabolism diet is that it only lasts 28 days, it's not a life choice like vegan or vegetarian but a way to drop weight if necessary, in a short time. The proposed scheme involves three different phases, each 2-3 days, which are repeated with weekly cycles, each of them has different characteristics, main foods and also variable amounts of physical activity.

It is important if you want to follow this one super metabolism diet, do not make any changes to the pattern or repeat it for more than 28 days.

Super metabolism diet: rules

The rules valid 28 days out of 28 in the super metabolism diet are the following: eat 5 times a day, without skipping meals, with intervals of 3-4 hours at the most, have breakfast without waiting more than half an hour after waking up and drink 30 ml of water for each kilogram of body weight every day.

Better if we can choose organic food, in any case, we do not make any changes to the program and complement the recommended diet with physical exercise 3 times a week.

Super metabolism diet: menu

The menus change for each stage but there are foods to always avoid such as dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, light or diet drinks, corn, wheat, soy, juices, dehydrated fruit and artificial sweeteners. In the first phase you have to eat those foods that allow you to speed up the metabolism.

If we start from the beginning of the week then we have a Monday and a Tuesday in which to consume fruit, vegetables, proteins and cereals, for example artichokes, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, beans and eggplant, such as vegetables, and pear, apple, watermelon, mango, peach, orange, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, such as fruit. Cereals, better if whole, and meat is fine if lean, otherwise, legumes!

In the second stage, Wednesday and Thursday, we pass to a prevalence of proteins and vegetables, always avoiding all fats, meat is fine but lean, fish is fine too, for dinner with vegetables as a side dish.

Super metabolism diet: maintenance

The third phase is that of maintenance, or balance, and lasts three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In these three days we can also include fatty foods, as long as they are healthy, so let's indulge in dried fruit, coconut, quinoa, brown rice, lean meat, or shellfish, always with vegetables.

Super metabolism diet: recipes

The recipes that combine the foods of the individual phases fortunately there are many, and many are also simple to make, so it is not necessary to take a cooking class to follow the super metabolism diet. In order not to get bored, here are some eccentric suggestions. There spelled ciabatta, with 400 gr of wholemeal spelled flour, 8 gr of salt, 1 gr of active dry yeast and 300 gr of cold water, or black rice with chicken and vegetables, such as zucchini, peppers and Tropea spring onion.

Supermetabolism diet: opinions

Second Pomroy, the creator of the diet, in 28 days yes can lose 10 kg. I don't know if it is an advertising slogan, it is certainly a more balanced diet than many others that are heard around, if we are tempted to follow it we can ask our doctor for advice to understand if it can be suitable for our body, our lifestyle and our health conditions.

Super metabolism diet: book

All the details are explained in the book of the same name, "The super metabolism diet”By Haylie Pomroy and Eve Adamson, also available for purchase on Amazon.

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