Tropical fish for aquarium

Tropical fish for aquarium

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Tropical fish for aquarium, fresh or salt water. There are some simpler to find, others simpler to breed. It is not necessary to have a huge but well organized aquarium with everything necessary for these tropical fish to be housed and live as long as possible.

Freshwater tropical fish

Exist freshwater tropical fish, and how, even if you often imagine them in the waters of the seas and oceans. It is important to inquire before taking a certain species, in order to also have the right aquarium. Sometimes, it is better to understand first what kind of aquarium we can afford and are able to keep and maintain.

I say this because the aquarium with fresh water it requires less attention than the one with salt water which simulates the sea. Not only that, it is also less expensive and does not require us to purchase special equipment for its maintenance, cleaning and the well-being of the tropical fish hosted. I am not discouraging you from choosing marine tropical fish, in fact, they are wonderful, but it is good to know what you are getting into.

Marine tropical fish

As anticipated, a larger investment in euros is required and in time if you choose an aquarium with salt water. It costs, and then it must be treated and set up with specific equipment without which we can compromise the health of tropical fish who will live inside it.

In addition to the banal tank, there are marine tropical fish they need a filter for lighting, proper furniture, devices that ensure that the water is the best possible, to be an aquarium, and that a general balance reigns between fluid, fish, light and surrounding elements. THE marine fish they have their price but it is a price that is worth paying by admiring the colors and shapes that they show off swimming under our eyes.

Tropical fish: names

It is not trivial to learn all the names of tropical fish and sometimes it is also difficult to recognize them. There are excellent books to consult, both scientifically and more popular. And then there are "pop" books that can entertain adults and children, instilling in their minds some of the best known or curious tropical fish names. I recommend David Hawcock's pop-up book, aged 5 and up, even for centenarians, also for sale on Amazon.

Among the best known and most memorable names is that of Betta Splendens, fighting fish, very colorful and with a long and thick tail. With its resso fins, it is also recognizable'Aphyocharax anisitsi, while the angelfish said Pterophyllum scalare, it stands out because it is particularly beautiful. Like an angel, in fact! With the nice name of Guppy, also circulates the Reticulated Poecilia, very common in tropical and small aquariums.

Tropical fish for beginners

It is not true that i tropical fish they are only for great experts, even those who are beginners, and the first fish, can decide to buy one, the important thing is to choose the species that are easier to care for and carefully follow what is recommended.

Almost all tropical fish arrive from Africa, Latin America and Asia, whether they are freshwater or marine. What makes them attractive and desired is above all their appearance, they have sometimes incredible colors and shapes, but there are other practical advantages as well. First of all the dimensions that are "comfortable" because they are small, so it is not necessary to have too large aquariums.

For the rest, once the lighting has been fixed, never too exaggerated, the temperature must remain between 22 and 28 degrees centigrade and the menu of tropical fish must be based on specific feeds dedicated to these species. It is also possible to integrate with fresh food or with frozen food, especially for fish.

Tropical fish: prices

Tropical fish are not always easy to find, plus once you understand where they can be purchased, you need to understand the price. Yes, because the price of fish, another account is that of all the equipment you need to then host it in our home, feed it, keep it healthy.

One more observation on single fish price: We distrust offers, first of all, and check carefully when it comes to online sales. Yes, because if on the one hand it has the convenience of not moving from home, there is also a risk that tropical fish you don't reach your destination, in our hands, in health.

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