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Asbestos removal bonus: tax deductions and economic incentives dedicated to those who decide to dispose of asbestos.

Theasbestos removal bonusit no longer works as it once did: terms, incentives and access methods have changed, but there remains a possibility of reducing spending thanks to the deduction plan.

The tax deduction from gross taxes at 50 percent is part of the quenching and tempering from substances harmful to health, such asasbestos or eternity. In short, according to the Revenue Agency, the removal of asbestoscan access tax deductions at 50 percent because it is part of the renovation works.

Asbestos removal bonus and deductions

Deductions are an excellent saving opportunity for those who want dispose of asbestos. How do they work? The Revenue Agency provides for the possibility of 50 percent tax deductions for various types of renovation work on buildings, includingremoval of asbestos or asbestos.

The 50 percent tax deduction allows you to halve your expensesasbestos removal. What does this consist of incentive for the removal of asbestos? To give you the idea, we give you a practical example: those who incur an expense of 20,000 euros will be able to recover 10,000 euros in 10 annual installments of the same amount until half of the investment is fully returned.

The deductions rise to 65 percent when the intervention of asbestos removalit is supported by works that allow for the energy requalification of the building. Interventions on windows, the implementation of a thermal coat, the addition of a solar chimney ... In this case, whoever wants reclaim asbestos can take advantage of a tax relief of 65 percent.

The only constraint to access the tax deductions for renovation and redevelopment is that the building must be registered in the name of individuals who pay personal income tax. The discount is applied to the income tax payable by those who bear the expenses and is recovered in ten annual installments. The expenditure ceiling varies according to the type of intervention.

To the works of removal of asbestosinterventions can be associated with:

  • roof insulation to improve the thermal insulation of the building. In this case thetax deductions for the removal of asbestosthey rise to 65%.
  • Installation of a photovoltaic roof, tax deductions amount to 50%.

Bonus asbestos removal and photovoltaic

Until some time ago, those who decided to reclaim the asbestos roof could count on the photovoltaic bonus, an opportunity that is no longer available today.

The state seems to have forgotten the impact of asbestos on public health and those who wishremove asbestosin favor of a small photovoltaic system will have to be satisfied with the tax deductions provided for the renovation of the building.

There are no "increased incentives" for those who decide toremove the asbestos roofin favor of a photovoltaic system but the user, if desired, can take advantage of the tax deductions for both works.

Who combines theremoval of asbestosthe installation of a photovoltaic system, in addition to the annual fees of Irpef tax deduction, will be entitled to othersincentivesstrictly related to photovoltaics, such as:

  • the shares received thanks to the on-site exchange programs of the energy produced by the plant.
  • The savings shares in the bill thanks to the self-production of electricity.

Asbestos remediation tax deductions

The remediation of an asbestos roofing, the renovation of asbestos roofs or the replacement of floors in vinyl asbestos (improperly called linolenum) are interventions that fall within the renovation works that can access tax deductions.

There asbestos remediation can access tax deductionsto varying degrees based on the type of intervention. Irpef deductions increase if interventions are carried out to increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings, for example by reducing the energy needs for heating if the asbestos roof is replaced by an insulated roof.

Replacement and reconstruction of the old asbestos pipes

At one time, gray water drains were made of asbestos. Even today, old buildings are equipped with asbestos ducts. The replacement of asbestos pipes, seen as an intervention in itself, cannot access the restructuring bonus and therefore is not entitled to tax deductions.

For the Revenue Agency, the replacement of the water system (even if the old pipes are made of asbestos) can access tax deductions only if a substantial modification of the system is envisaged.

Tax deductions for the encapsulation of asbestos

L'encapsulation of asbestosit is a cheaper alternative than its removal. With the restructuring bonus, all the costs of dismantling, encapsulation and / or asbestos disposal can be deducted. To discover thehow much does encapsulation costof an asbestos roofing and when it is possible to take advantage of this option, we refer you to the page:asbestos encapsulation, when convenient.

Incentives for the removal of asbestos

There are also non-repayable incentives for the remediation of asbestos but they are intended only for businesses and individual firms registered with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture. For all information, please refer to the page:asbestos removal bonus 2017.

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