DIY orchid soil

DIY orchid soil

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Soil for orchids, so that they can grow and bloom at their best, admired and spread as they are in this period. Often they are donated, but also bought as decor flowers, because their beauty is indisputable. For it to last as long as possible, you need to get a suitable orchid soil, it is one of the essential elements for survival of this plant.

DIY orchid soil

If we want to make do with DIY orchid soil, it is good to know that we need a lot of attention in working. It must always be well drained, because if water stagnates are created, they can also cause the death of the plant. Another feature essential is the lightness of the soil for orchids, in fact, it must not weigh down the roots or even suffocate them.

Soil for orchids for home

When should you get the soil for orchids to keep at home it is also necessary to pay attention to the type of substrate. This is always the case but when it comes to plants for the house, even more so. As time passes, even if the substrate with which we bought them was of best quality, it will then deteriorate the plant will remain without nourishment.

A impoverished soil for orchids is not neededindeed, it is harmful. It is then necessary to repot, carefully but also quickly. To notice that the soil has deteriorated we must observe if it appears too wet and sticky.

Soil for orchids: composition

Going more into the merits of composition of soil for orchids, let's see what it must supply to the plant. The fiber of osmunda, derived from the great fern which bears this name, is an important element and the same goes for the blond sphagnum peat.

Respectively they must be mixed with proportions of 2/3 and 1/3. However, there is also room for other materials, as long as they are of vegetable origin. Fir barks, or pine or cork, expanded clay and expanded polystyrene, are all ingredients that in soil for orchids have their own utility: they guarantee the presence of nutrients, of water and oxygen to the roots constantly.

Soil for orchids in coconut fiber

I have not mentioned it before to dedicate an entire paragraph to it. I refer to the coconut fiber, a substrate widely used because it is practical and efficient. This element makes the orchid soil light, leaves the plant well ventilated and oxygenated, it also improves drainage. Coir also has the stable pH, retains moisture and is even recyclable, which is why it is preferable to other similar less green ones.

However, it should be emphasized that it is unable to provide nourishment, whoever chooses it must therefore take the trouble to irrigate the orchid with specific fertilizers for coco or hydroponics and also associate products that counteract the decomposition of organic material, increasing the capacity of assimilation of nutritional elements.

Soil for Cymbidium orchids

If we are looking for a terriccio for Cymbidium orchids we can use the ready-made one for orchids or use beech leaves by mixing them with polystyrene, perlite or foam rubber, useful for maintaining humidity.

A soil for this type of orchid absolutely must ensure good drainage because they can't stand water stagnation. The container should also be chosen carefully, making sure it has an adequate number of drainage holes.

Soil for orchids: prices

It depends on the composition and quantity, However, it is not worth saving by risking to endanger the whole plant and then find it necessary to buy it back.

Typically, the substrate can be purchased for half a euro per liter and the packages on the market contain 10 liters, but we can also find higher prices if the quality is high. On Amazon, however, a 10-liter pack is sold for 5 euros.

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