Pampering cats and stress

Pampering cats and stress

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Pampering cats, it is not true that they cannot be done, it is true that they must be known to do. As they say, "one is not born learned", however, therefore to the rescue of all those who would like to spend hours stroking their cat who instead goes away annoyed as soon as they get close, comes a study carried out by the University of Lincoln. The researchers carried out experiments to try to identify both ways to cuddle cats and areas where to touch them so as not to make them nervous. The rules" drawn can be a good starting point even if then, every feline is made in his own way, and has his own principles, of which he is very jealous, even in terms of pampering.

Pampering cats and stress

Sometimes cuddling for cats is stressful, especially if as animals they feel held back or forced. The same is true if the doubt creeps into them that our cuddling cats are a gesture of possession towards them.

It is therefore essential not to transmit this idea to them, always leaving them an escape route and room to move, as well as a general climate of tranquility, with few noises and never unexpected. The more a cat is stressed by external factors, the less it accepts being pampered by us.

Pampering cats: how to do it

Let's see areas and ways in which to approach theOur feline who will be wary even if he may have lived with us for years and years. The back is an area of ​​the body that we can caress without particular problems, the cat does not express preferences, it appreciates without going crazy, neither with joy nor annoyance.

The face is instead a point that, if we have confidence, is very welcome if caressed. Using the utmost delicacy, we can cuddle our cats on the chin repeatedly.

As an order in which to proceed, we must not create any particular problems. The face and the back are interchangeable, just do not invade areas that the animal considers off limits, at least until it decides to give us carte blanche e let yourself be caressed on the belly as well. The tail can be touched but it does not emerge as a sensitive area for cuddling, given the functions it performs for the animal, which have little to do with gestures of affection.

Cat who does not like cuddling

If we have in mind the photos of cats lying in the sun with a sly look that seems to be looking forward to being pampered, that's it, better to know that it is an illusion. Very often as soon as you get close, the expression on their face changes, it becomes as if they were saying "what do you understand? Stay away from me" and then they leave, fast and agile, not showing up for quite a while.

Compared to the dog, the cat likes cuddles less but if done at the right time and with the correct ways, cuddling cats are appreciated and relax both us and them.

Pampering the biting cat

If we start petting a cat that runs away, starting from the tail, as if to grab it and bring it back to us, it is normal for it to bite, and it has every reason. I would like to see each of us if he was being pulled violently by the hair or by the shirt, to be "pampered".

In addition to feeling of being caught, the cat taken by the tail can also feel unpleasant sensations since it is an area with dense nerve endings, therefore extremely erogenous: better not to over-stimulate it.

Pampering cats: how to get them used

For make cuddling cats a welcome habit to everyone and not just us masters who thus release the stress of the day, it is necessary to create an environment in which there are spaces in which the animal can escape and hide.

They love stay high and see what happens, check, so that you are less wary than usual. I'm not saying to bribe the feline with food but certainly if they also connect pampering to the idea of ​​the bowl full, it may not be bad.

On line we also find some interesting accessories to spoil our big cat, like this massager from 50 euros. It is a kind of game though sensory activates cats, stimulates and pampers them. There are also accessories for doing a special massage on the gums and legs.

Sound cat cuddles

In this case, it is not cats that are pampered, but children with a wonderful video that has a kitten as the protagonist. We can watch the video and let ourselves be pampered by the images and music.

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