Molecular dog: what it is

Molecular dog: what it is

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A molecular dog it is not just a dog with a developed sense of smell, among other things unless there are physical problems, everyone has it, but it is a specimen ad hoc trained, still unlike dogs that are used to search for people. There are more or less suitable breeds but above all one particular education which allows this type of dog to do "special things". What, we see right away.

Molecular dog: what it is

A molecular dog it has nothing sci-fi or surreal in it, it is a skilled and skilled animal, trained to be a part of an ad hoc canine unit dealing with "special cases".

Even the press, especially the press, calls these dogs this, wanting to recall the great with this term olfactory power they are equipped with. They are in fact able, by nose, to follow a human trail. Not only the trail of smell, stink, or perfume, of someone who has just passed, but also of an individual who has passed by a certain place a long time ago. All thanks to them special nose.

A molecular dog indeed has a nose that it perceives and distinguishes even the smallest odor particles, the "molecules", in fact, and manages to store tracks and to associate them so as not to lose them.

Molecular dog: breeding

As we mentioned, a molecular dog it is not a classic rescue dog, so it must be bred differently. In fact, if the latter has to go in search of people in the event of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or avalanches, the molecular dog is a kind of assistant investigator.

It must look not for "people" in general but for specific people. Upon request, information on the requested person is usually given using the smell he left on a garment.

Molecular dog: how to train it

Having to go “hunting for a suspect”, or a victim, the molecular dog not only must he feel the presence of a human but he must also know skillfully associate smells, to understand if the human he hears is the same one who has worn a certain pair of trousers, for example, and that law enforcement they are looking for.

If well trained, a dog with this task can too tell us what journey the person you are looking for has made, because it will start on all fours to retrace it by pawing and without admitting distractions.

Molecular dog breed

Training is very important, but there are cases, such as that of molecular dog, in which even the “skills” linked to the breed have a certain weight. Among the dog breeds in which dogs are often searched for to become molecular, there is that of Bloodhound, also called Chien de Saint-Hubert or Sant’Uberto dogs.

Originating in Belgium, these dogs have a truly disproportionate number of olfactory receptors, 4 billion. For comparison, let's think cats have 200 million. It is therefore a question of numbers but not only, because this breed of dogs is also characterized by a particular one structure of the olfactory organ that allows you to better distinguish the individual traces of odor. Moreover, the character of the Bloodhound is very suitable because he learns quickly and is not too stubborn, indeed, willing to learn.

Molecular dog: cost

A molecular dog costs a lot, because in addition to paying for the breed we also have to pay for his professionalism. But if we don't belong to the police, what do we do with a dog like this? Better to save, leave it to those who need it molecular dogs and "play" with ours perhaps giving him a very themed onesie for the cold seasons. A Policeman costume, for 13.50 euros on Amazon, in different sizes.

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