Persimmon vanilla: properties and calories

Persimmon vanilla: properties and calories

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Persimmon vanilla, fruits less known than the classic persimmons but equally rich in properties. They sprout from a plant that is not particularly beautiful and certainly cannot be said either a choreographic fruit, but those who love the particular flavor they have or want to make the full of vitamins, can not fail to know and taste them.

Persimmon vanilla: properties

Vanilla persimmons are good for everyone because they are a cconcentrated in vitamins and energies, sure that those on a diet or suffering from diabetes, it is better not to overdo it in consuming them. There vitamin C abounds in these fruits they also have laxative effects when eaten ripe, on the contrary from unripe are astringent.

Others properties of vanilla persimmons are diuretic and those concerning the liver that protect and purify. Not recommended for the obese, they are almost a must for children, sportsmen, asthenicians and all those who need to charge. When they are not mature they can have a "allappante" flavor not entirely pleasant, it is due to the tannin. The fibers, on the other hand, are responsible for the properties related to well-being of the intestine.

Persimmon vanilla: fruit

These persimmons are produced from a fruit tree belonging to Ebenaceae family and which originates in East Asia, they look like a large berry and ripen in November. The shape of vanilla persimmons is flatter than that of “regular” persimmons, the skin is a deep yellow, in some cases even orange, and very thin.

When vanilla persimmons are ripe they can also appear red. Once opened, these fruits show a dark bronze or deep red pulp, juicy and full of seeds which has a particularly sweet taste, usually appreciated, even by the little ones.

Persimmon vanilla: cultivation

These plants are grown mainly in the southern areas of our country, characterized by deciduous, large and glabrous leaves, very shiny but only on the upper side. They do not reach 20 meters in height and have a globe-shaped hair. They are not originally from Italy but accustomed to semitropical climates with never harsh winters and never cool summers, today, however, they have become accustomed to resisting even temperatures below -10 degrees, down to -15 degrees.

What you need to avoid when growing vanilla persimmons are the constant movements, they must be placed immediately where they will remain and in 4 years they will already be able to give us many fruits if in a sunny position,

Persimmon vanilla: calories

One pound of persimmon contains vanilla 75 calories. These are very watery fruits that contain a lot of sugar, up to 18 percent. On the other hand, both fats and proteins are very few. They are often chosen forabundant content of vitamin C and beta-carotene, or potassium.

Vanilla persimmon or apple persimmon

Compared to persimmon apple, vanilla is considered "new" not because it didn't exist years ago but because it was recently discovered. Cultivated in the countryside near Naples, until a few decades ago it was a niche fruit and in general in Europe it began to spread late while the persimmon apple already in the early twentieth century. The latter is called more seriously speaking, Diospyrus kaki, and it is often cultivated also for pure ornamental use or as rootstocks of fruit kaki having very resistant roots.

In Japan it even has a symbolic value, it means life and renewal.

Persimmon vanilla jam

To get a 300-gram jar of jam we need to get it 380 gr of ripe vanilla persimmon pulp, 40g of cane sugar, half a glass of water and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. But if we want to use our vanilla persimmons, let's take a step back and get it a plant that produces them if well cultivated. On Amazon it is available for € 9.90.

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