Varieties of garlic

Varieties of garlic

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Varieties of garlic, let's get to know them to appreciate them. Difference between red and white garlic. The best variety of garlic According to the needs.

How many types of garlic are there? Really many, and on this page we will try to discover the most popular varieties in Italy.

White garlic

L'white garlicand thequality of garlicmost cultivated and known in Italy. It is characterized by its strong flavor and the period of implantation. When to grow white garlic? In autumn or between January and February. Also therequality of white garlicgroups several varieties, we have in fact:

Piacenza garlic
It is sown between September and November and is harvested between June and July. The most resistant "Serena garlic" cultivar was selected from the Piacenza garlic.

Polesano White
It is highly appreciated because it is a very ancient variety of garlic. It can be kept for very long periods.

Neapolitan garlic
According to the Neapolitan tradition, it is collected in Sant’Antonio (13 June) and dried up to San Giovanni (24 June).

Pink garlic

What are the differences between pink garlic and white garlic? The taste. Pink garlic has slightly more delicate tones. The cultivation period also changes: pink garlic is sown later and kept for shorter periods.

Primaticcio Pink Garlic
It is eaten fresh. The outer tunics are light pink. It is sown between February and March and harvested around July, when the aerial part is still green. It is grown mainly in Central - Northern Italy.

Neapolitan Pink Garlic and Agrigento Rose
It is eaten fresh. It is very similar to Rosa Primaticcio but it is a variety grown mainly in Southern Italy.

Garlic of Vessalico
Typical of Liguria. It is characterized by an intense aroma. Those who generally cannot digest garlic should try this variety for its high digestibility. When to grow Vessalico pink garlic? It is sown between October and January and is harvested towards the end of June.

Lautrec's pink garlic
It is a very productive variety of French garlic. It is characterized by a sweeter and more delicate flavor. Sowing takes place between December and January.

Red garlic

The outer skins of garlic can be white, pink and red. Many varieties of red garlic are well suited for preservation in oil or sweet and sour. Like white garlic, red garlic also has a strong flavor.

Red Garlic of Nubia
Also known as Paceco red garlic or Trapani red garlic. In Sicily it is sown between December and January and is harvested in May. It has a very strong flavor.

Sulmona Red Garlic
It's avariety of garlicvery old and therefore highly appreciated. It can be sown in January and is harvested after six months. It can also be eaten fresh.

Maremma red garlic
It is characterized by its size: it has a smaller size. It is very fragrant and has a strong flavor. It's about avariety of garlicnot very widespread due to its small size.

Black garlic

That ofblack garlicit is not a variety. Black garlic is obtained through the fermentation processes of white garlic. For all the information we invite you to read the page: black garlic.

Ornamental garlic

There are manyvariety of ornamental garlic. The most popular one has a rounded flower. The best known garlic flower has a spherical shape, characterized by a lively color and size that can be of different varieties.

If it is easier to find seeds and materials for growing food garlic, it is more difficult for ornamental garlic. For completeness, we point out one of the varieties of ornamental garlic on Amazon. I personally chose the variety with the most showy and decorative flowers.

Amazon page: Allium Giganteum with decorative flowers

This is thegiant garlic with single-stemmed flowers, capable of reaching a height between 80 cm and 150 cm. It is a perennial plant that behaves like all flower bulbs.

On Amazon, a sachet of giant garlic seeds can be bought for 4.95 euros and shipping costs included in the price.

Varieties of garlic

Garlic prefers fertile, soft and above all well-drained soils. Remember that it is still a flower bulb! Regardless of the variety, the needs ofcultivationare common. You can get all the instructions on the cultivation of garlic by consulting my guidehow to grow garlic.

Garlic, healing properties

Do you want to take advantage of the healing properties of garlic? Read the page dedicated to garlic essential oil.

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