Dogs on the plane: cages and cost

Dogs on the plane: cages and cost

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Dogs on the plane, you can take them and let them travel with us. It is a possibility to know because it does not necessarily mean that it is mandatory to entrust them to a relative or friend every time we go on vacation. It is not even necessary to pay a dog board, let alone limit oneself to destinations that can be reached by car for bring our four-legged friend with us.

Doing travel dogs by plane we can spend the holiday with them and wherever we want. It is enough to know the rules, rates and limitations. Before that, one is needed visit to the vet to make sure that our dog is healthy, it is better to avoid that a sick or too old animal travels at high altitude.

Before embarking our friend we can give him a drink without any problems, up to 6 hours earlier can also eat. As the country of destination varies, there may also be specific restrictions, for example pets are not allowed in the UK and Ireland, to transport dogs by plane, or even cats, to Brazil, the international animal health certificate (CZI) is required.

From time to time it is always best to check the regulations in force on the transport of animals so as not to dream of journeys in which we cannot then bring our dog as desired.

Dogs on the plane: transport cages

The cages for air transport must have specific measures but also be comfortable and respect the dignity and size of the animal that must be locked up for several hours. There are many models on the market, without going crazy we can also buy one online. At 32 euros for example on Amazon we find a box for dogs that acts as a carrier on the plane 60x40x39 cm with swivel handle, ergonomic handles for the trolley version and also a comfortable compartment for documents and objects.

Dogs on the plane: which companies

Each company can decide on rules on the transport of dogs by plane, in general those driving for the blind can travel with the owner if they are equipped with a muzzle and a leash. There is currently no single regulation that is valid for all airlines therefore each can accept or not accept certain types of cages, a certain number of animals and which ones can embark instead of going into the hold.

In principle, we can count on the fact that i dogs of less than 10 kg can board, with all the appropriate rules, while those of larger size are meant to fit in hold, a pressurized area, and inside special reinforced cages.

By consulting the websites of some airlines we will be able to personally check if there is a service they offer specialised personnel, or assistance and refreshment centers for animals during stopovers. It is also up to us, however, to remember do not let the dog lack water and food, if he travels with us.

If we already know that it will have to go in the hold, instead, better slowly accustom him to the carrier or cage, at least one week before the scheduled take-off date. The sure thing is that it is better to organize and inform yourself in advance to prevent the dog from being able to suffer while traveling or that unexpected events occur. Taking dogs on an airplane requires careful planning.

Dogs in Ryanair plane

The company Ryanair, as indicated on the official website at the time of writing, does not carry animals or goods on its flights. Guide dogs are allowed but only on certain routes. The passengers who are therefore allowed to bring dogs on the plane for obvious reasons, have the obligation to sit in specific places so that everyone's safety is guaranteed, in case of emergency evacuation.

Passengers who can travel with guide / assistance dogs according to Ryanair They are of two types: either they need a walker in addition to the dog, at departure and arrival, to transport them inside the airport to the aircraft, and vice versa, providing safety information, or they are more autonomous and do not require special assistance services.

Dogs in Alitalia plane

With Alitalia to date i dogs on the plane can travel to the EU, if they have a passport issued by a veterinarian with vaccinations and an electronic identification system (transponder). For domestic flights they need to have a health card and microchip but if they are less than 3 months old, having not yet been vaccinated against rabies, they cannot travel to Europe.

The advice, from the airline but also ours, is from check for any restrictions regarding our destination and take into account that dogs on the plane do not travel for free: it is necessary to purchase a supplement to the ticket. The price depends on the weight, on whether travel in the cabin or in the hold and the air route itself.

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