Balcony flowers in the shade

Balcony flowers in the shade

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Flowers for shaded balconies:which flowers to grow onnorth-facing balcony or in a shady location. Advice on care and on the choice of plants to plant.

Balcony in the shade or facing north

If you have a flower bed or a balcony in the shade you don't have to give up flowers. Just choose a variety that does not need direct exposure to sunlight.

Nature offers plants and flowers with surprising features. Today we will see which ones flowers can be grown in balcony (or in the garden) even if that is exposed in the shade. The situation is not very different for onenorth-facing balcony.

Flowers for shaded balconies

In this paragraph we will point out some of the flowers that grow well even atshadow.


The Lilies of the Valley deliver flowers very fragrant that develop in clusters on the various stems. The thrush blooms throughout the month of May, grows better in the shade and is ideal for cutting to create floral compositions.


For a more generous flowering, Astilbe is available. A very easy to grow and truly spectacular plant. His flowers they resemble small fir trees and the leaves are similar to those of the fern. It blooms from June to late September, grows well in the shade and prefers a moist, humus-rich soil. It is important that the soil is never dry.

Christmas rose

Another plant that loves being in the shade and it does not fear the snow, it is the white Christmas Rose. His flowers they sprout in the middle of winter, they are large and white, up to 8 cm in diameter with a yellow central heart. He manages to show off his knitwear factories flowers even in periods of frost or snow. The plant blooms from January to March.

Fritillaria meleagris

Fritillaria meleagris is a plant that offers flowers white and purple pink. It also grows well in the shade but unlike the Christmas Rose, Fritillaria meleagris can not stand cold and frost. It prefers fairly moist soil and blooms from April to the end of May. After flowering it is possible to transplant the bulbs in the garden in order to perpetuate the life of the plant.

Ice Cream Tulips

Some varieties of tulips manage to live well too in the shade. This is the case of the "Ice Cream tulips " so baptized because of the shape of the flower vaguely resembling a strawberry ice cream with a cream heart! Tulips prefer an area in partial shade or full sun but the Ice Cream variety also grows well in the shade of the balcony. It is ideal for growing in pots and offers flowers from April to May.

North-facing balcony: which flowering plants to grow

The plants seen in the previous list can also be grown onnorth-facing balcony. In a shaded position or on thenorth-facing balconyand which therefore receives a few hours of sunshine, it is possible to cultivate:

  • Bulbous like cyclamen and lily of the valley
  • Impatiens, also called glass flowers
  • Violets and Violets, see how to grow violets
  • Ivy and Leaf Begonias
  • Dwarf nasturtium offering a cascade of yellow and orange flowers
  • Colored begonia
  • Primroses
    Perfect for a north-facing or partial shade balcony, less suitable for a balcony in full shade. For all the info: how to grow primroses in pots.
  • Lobelia, appreciated for its tiny blue flowers.
  • Surfinia, offers abundant blooms that last the whole summer
  • Fucisa, is suitable fornorth-facing balconybut not on the totally shaded balcony.
  • Elderflower, it blooms between June and July.

The north-facing balconies receive light only in the afternoon and give up the morning sun. Fuchsia grows well on half-shaded balconies or north facing but doesn't grow up well balconies in full shade because it needs a few hours of sunshine a day.


In the photo above, at the opening of the page, you can see the lily of the valley. In the photo in the center of the page, the small Impatiens flowers.

Flowered balcony in Northern Italy

Those who live in Northern Italy will have to face a further problem: intense cold. In this context, we advise you to read the page dedicated to plants that resist the cold.

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