Particular flowers

Particular flowers

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Particular flowers for shape and color, sometimes also because they are not as beautiful as you can imagine flowers in general. It is assumed that they are all like orchids and roses but this is not the case. Nature gives us special flowers that we don't even know if they are flowers, sometimes.

Particular and rare flowers

There are flowers that are difficult to find but when you see them, you don't forget them because of their particular and extravagant shape. This is how it happens for the hot-lipped plant, the Psychotria elata, which produces flowers resembling plump and red lips.

Among the well-known orchids, there are some varieties that are rarer and that really have the appearance of particular flowers. L'vesparia orchid (Ophrys apifera) looks like Shrek, children certainly like it but less so for adults who do not find it very suitable as a decorative flower. Still remaining in the "cartoon" context, there is another orchid that recalls a famous character.

L'flying duck orchid (Caleana major) very reminiscent of Duffy Duck. Ranging among the rarest orchids, we find the ballerinas (Oncidium), the swallow (Phalaenopsis), the monkey-headed one (Dracula Simia), those resembling a naked man (Orchis italica) or to a parrot (Impatiens psittacina).

Special flowers to give as gifts

It is nice to amaze by giving a bouquet of fragrant and fresh roses but one of particular flowers leaves the other person speechless. Elegant and light, the orchids they are almost always among the first to be chosen but in order not to risk being monotonous we see some alternatives.

For those who love bold colors, for example, there are the tulips and the wastes in the bold colors variants: red, yellow, orange. Also an bouquet of wildflowers certainly contains gods particular flowers which are not the usual rose and also transmit sincere affection to those who receive them.

Then there are gods special flowers NOT to be given because even if they are beautiful to the eye, they have a decidedly unpleasant smell. There Rafflesia arnoldii produces similar ones, large but not very fragrant, even the Amorphophallus has giant flowers while the Dracunculus vulgaris produces a flower composed of a burgundy spathe and a long, pointed black spadix.

Special flowers for tattoos

For tattoos, flowers have particular meanings from time to time and the choice is based a lot on these. However, if you want to choose an original one, there is that of Wolffia angusta, the smallest flower in the world.

Special balcony flowers

On the balcony we often find the classic violets, beautiful primroses and begonias, but in larger balconies too azaleas, gardenias and hydrangeas. But if we also want to host gods particular flowers, better to learn more by reading how to get an original "flowered windowsill”.

Special garden flowers

There Beautiful at night it is a flower that opens at night and is shy during the day, it is also called Mirabilis jalapa and all its evening flowers have no corolla. It is a plant to keep in the garden, in Italy it finds it well. Also there Gazania produces particular flowers for the very bright colors and intense and fortunately they are not too much to care for.

Of Aquilegia there are about seventy species and most of them have elongated flowers, rich in nectar and withsweet smell, also edible flowers!

Special crochet flowers

One of the best ways to create particular flowers with your own hands and that never fade, is to make them crochet. They are the most beautiful among the Handmade fabric flowers we talked about in the dedicated article.

Special wedding flowers

Six orange blossoms are a symbol of fertility, always welcome to wedding ceremonies, we can also propose white roses, violets, lilies, cornflowers and jasmine. There are those who prefer freesias and jasmines but we can also choose for decorations particular flowers such as Callistemon.

It comes from Australia and New Caledonia, has lanceolate leaves and a very intense green but above all it produces bright red flowers in the shape of elongated toothbrushes from which also stamens are always intense red.

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