How to grow spinach

How to grow spinach

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How to grow spinach: step by step instructions for growing spinach. The varieties indicated for the period and advice for harvesting.

Spinach, properties

The spinach they are highly appreciated in the kitchen for their nutritional properties. Spinach contains vitamins A and C and to a lesser extent, vitamins B, D, F, PP and K.

Spinach provides a modest amount of mineral salts such as copper, potassium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. Spinach is an ally of health and you can cultivateeasily: you will not have to resort to particular cultivation practices. They can be grown both in spring and autumn but let's see in detail how to grow spinach.

When to grow spinach

The sowing period falls in autumn or spring. There are, in fact, spring varieties and winter varieties ... Early varieties and late varieties. In practice, the spinach season runs from autumn to late summer.

In spring, sowing is done in a gradual manner, every two weeks until May, so as to harvest even in summer.

Spinach, harvesting period

Thecollection periodit varies according to the sowing which, in turn, varies according to the climatic zone. Typically, the harvest period begins two months after planting - spinach is fast growing!

Spinach, variety

Thespinachit can be grown in spring and autumn because the ideal growth temperature is between 10 - 15 ° C and is very resistant to cold. Its resistance to cold means that at temperatures of 7 ° C it reports only light damage. Only at temperatures below 5 ° C does growth stop.

In starting aspinach cultivationyou have to keep in mind the time of year and the climatic zone.

Much appreciated is thevarietyEarly spring matador. It has large leaves with medium blistering. It resists the cold well.

Also therevarietyGladiator is perfect for early spring planting. It has very bullous dark leaves.

For autumn planting, the variety is more suitableButterfly, resistant to cold. For its resistance, thisvariety of spinachis recommended for those who intendcultivateNorth.

Also itGiant winter spinachresists the cold well. It has large and fleshy leaves.

How to grow spinach

Here are some instructions, in pills, for the spinach cultivation.

  • Spinach should be grown with light or medium-textured soil, with a pH between 6 and 7.
  • Before sowing it is necessary to dig up the substrate by removing weeds and moving the earth.
  • At the time of digging, the clayey soils are flowing by burying sand.
  • When digging, poor soils must be enriched with mature manure.
  • Row cultivation should be done by spacing the grooves 30 cm from each other. The distance between the plants varies according to the variety and must be equal to the height of the plant.
  • The seedlings will sprout about 2 weeks after sowing.
  • The harvest is done to climb, usually begins 2 months after sowing.
  • After sowing, the soil should not be a compact block but rather light and soft. Just check that the seeds are not exposed to the air.
  • The seeds should be covered with a 1 cm layer of soil.

Spinach harvest

After about two months from sowing spinach, it will be possible to benefit from the first harvest. There spinach harvestit is carried out by cutting the head 2 cm from the ground. In this way you will have the "plant growth" that will be able to emit new leaves. Carry out a staggered harvest, taking the largest tufts.

Tips for growing spinach

  • Weeding the soil is useful for growing spinach. Weed the soil in order to aerate the soil and prevent the formation of weeds.
  • At the time of sowing prefer a sunny area.
  • Irrigate the soil periodically without overdoing it, taking care to never leave the soil completely dry.
  • Absolutely avoid water stagnation, as they cause the proliferation of molds and fungi.

Associating spinach in the garden

Plant spinach next to potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, beans and radishes, while avoiding them next to beetroot.

Growing spinach in pots

The spinach they can also be grown on the terrace: just place the pot in a sunny corner, taking care to thin out the plants so that there is a space of about 7 centimeters between one and the other.

Spinach and Luna cultivation

In our garden or with pot cultivation, the plantsthey are harvested before maturity but… if you let the spinach thrive, the plants would produce a flower. Spinach are plants with separate sexes, only the female flowers will produce seeds which, thanks to the wind, will spread liketasty weeds. Why this premise? To tell you that spinach, unlike other plants that grow on the surface of the soil, should be grown with the waning moon just like potatoes and onions. For all the information on how to understand when the moon is waning or waxing, I refer you to the page: moon and sowing.

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