Nocturnal butterflies in the house

Nocturnal butterflies in the house

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Nocturnal butterflies in the house, almost never welcome guests, because if we all admire the colors and delicacy of the butterflies that flutter in bright colors during the day, no one particularly appreciates nocturnal presences in the air, sometimes even hairy.

Nocturnal butterflies or lepidoptera

Night butterflies in the house they belong to the order of Lepidoptera, a word that derives from the Greek and that we can translate as "Scaly wings". It is not an offense but a faithful description of reality, as these animals have fragile wings covered by thousands of thin overlapping scales and almost never of pleasant colors at the sight.

On the other hand, at night what need would there be to wear spectacular colors? The night butterflies in the house also have some hair, necessary for their survival. The antennae can be feathered and comb-shaped, picking up movements and smells, helping these animals to locate food or a possible companion.

There is also a distinction between moths in the house but it is not official, it concerns the shape of the antennas which according to some experts may have a swelling, typical of Ropaloceri, or be bipettinate, filiform, rod-like, in Heterocera.

Nocturnal butterflies at home: how to keep them away

Even if butterflies, if they wander at night, hairy and of unwelcome colors, they can be unwelcome: without harming them we have everything the right to want to remove them. It is not necessary to use insecticides, we can use essential oils that evaporate and chase away moths.

There are also many "Grandmother's remedies" against moths at home, often based on orange peel, lavender, geranium, tobacco or laundry soap. A balcony that explodes of flowering geraniums it can be a great way to discourage insects that would like to enter closets with clothes or food.

Night butterflies: meaning

We often hear about butterflies and moths trying to divide the two categories but actually this one separation is artificial also seeing how some of our neighbors behave with words. The French call all butterflies "Papillons" and they distinguish them only as "diurnes" and "nocturnes".

Furthermore, when we talk about lepidoptera, we must not delude ourselves that we can refer to a specific species because this category includes subjects belonging to different families including Noctuidae, Arctiidae, Geometridae, Sphingidae, Saturniidae, Lasiocampidae, Zygaenidae, Notodontidae, Hepialidae and Crambidae.

Adhesive night butterflies

If real moths are not welcome in the house, adhesive ones are those that show bright colors and can make the rooms original and welcoming. There are sticker night butterflies set from buy online and with which to indulge yourself, in the living room as in the bedroom, or at the entrance, to welcome guests.

Nocturnal butterflies: how long they live

The moths have no long life, maximum one season, but they have very ancient origins. The earliest fossil remains of moths also date back to 140 million years, so they were born 100 million years earlier than butterflies.

Giant night butterflies

That said, it looks like the title of a horror film, in truth it is a relative "giants", understood when compared to the average measurements of the reference category. One of the most large moths, with a wingspan about 7 cm, and the I murmur maura, who take shelter in dark hiding places by day.

Some moths of the Sphingidae species even get to splurge lengths of 10 cm, and the convolvulus Sphinx (Agrius convolvuli) has one wingspan that varies between 9 and 12 cm, a feature that also allows it to migrate reaching Northern Europe. The Italian butterflies nights are not that giant, fortunately!

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