Summer drinks: the best

Summer drinks: the best

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Summer drinks, not to dry up in a sweat bath, but not only, otherwise water would be enough. Instead, during the hot season, it is recommended by everyone, including us, to drink something that is also rich in vitamins and mineral salts that help us fight the heat and not to end the days with a sense of general exhaustion.

Natural thirst-quenching summer drinks

The Summer drinks must be thirst-quenching by nature, but if they are natural, it is much better. Almond milk is an example, to be sipped with taste as it is often sweetened by just that much agave, to taste. Those who prepare it at home can also use comfortable ones loafs of almond paste that make everything faster.

Still milk, but golden milk, the one with Curcuma, called "Golden Milk". It seems to be quite fashionable these days, but that doesn't mean it's just a worthless commercial operation. Among the summer drinks, the turmeric milk it is one of those that also provides vegan variants when prepared with almond, rice or coconut milk. Let's not forget to put it in the fridge before drinking it.

If we want something lighter and not related to milk, we can opt for the simple buts thirst-quenching and natural flavored waters, rich in vitamins.

Summer lemon drinks

When we talk about Lemonade we often think of the warm one, but the summer version has nothing to envy to the winter one. Seeing is believing: they are needed lemons, water and a little sugar, to taste. Once again, after a lively stir, we put the drink obtained in the fridge, to make it more original and summery, we add some mint.

Homemade summer drinks

To save, time and money, but above all for personally choose the type of ingredients and their origin, in my opinion it is better to prepare your favorite summer drinks at home. We can then keep them cool for a couple of days, changing colors and flavors. In this way, we avoid the boredom of having to check food labels with the anxiety that a dye will escape us or that there is a dose of sugar other than what we need.

Between DIY summer drinks, there is that with ginger, recommended because it is good and also invigorating, plus it helps digestion. To prepare it you need fresh ginger, sugar, water (1 liter or 1/2 liter) and lemon which makes it even fresher and more refreshing. After you have cut and done boil ginger for at least 10 minutes, in water, filter it and let it cool and then add the lemon and the dose of sugar you need, as well as a little ice. To serve it to friends, it takes suitable glasses, here is a set of three with straw, very summery and cheerful, on Amazon for sale at 14 euros.

Non-alcoholic summer drinks

If you go out and want one summer drink but not alcoholic? There is the classic iced tea that saves us, whether it's lemon or peach, that's fine. Today it can also be found in other versions that are gaining momentum summer after summer. In fact, it happens to find the iced tea with mint or citrus.

Summer fruit drink

In summer centrifuged and smoothies they are particularly fashionable and everyone seems to want to drink those. Fashion or not, they are indeed refreshing summer drinks rich in vitamins and mineral salts, therefore perfect for fighting the heat and high temperatures, arriving in the evening as cool as in the morning.

Another advantage of fruit drinks is that there are all kinds, with or without milk, cow or vegetable, with vegetables such as celery and carrots, inserted, based on citrus fruits or berries, chosen by color or type. The important is don't put too much sugar in it in addition and don't forget the ice!

An excellent herbal tea to digest that also helps prevent kidney stones is the one at Stonebreaker. Have you ever tasted it?

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