Wooden planters

Wooden planters

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Wooden planters, not only in the mountains but also in the city. They have their advantages when created or bought by choosing wisely, after having informed. Let's see what types exist and when they are to be preferred to other kinds of planters. Those who choose them are often a person who takes care of details. When evaluating theeffectiveness of wooden planters we must also take into account the position in which we have placed them and the light that the inserted plants really take. In general, the strengths of wooden planters are resistance, adaptability, malleability.

DIY wooden planters

Classic but also suitable for the most modern gardens, the wood is a natural material and therefore to be preferred whenever possible. Of course, it must be treated in the right way to prevent it from deteriorating unnecessarily, moreover each planter must be "prepared" to accommodate the plants in an appropriate way.

It takes a substrate that separates the soil so that it does not damage it when it comes into contact with the wood of the planter. When we make wooden planters ourselves so we have to cover them in some way, those purchased usually come with a plastic inner lining. The risk that one runs, if this separation is not provided, is that the continuous watering damages irreversibly the inner layers of wood of the planter.

When building a DIY planter, let's not forget to create the holes for drainage of water so that the roots do not rot even in case of too generous watering. Taking into account these essential elements, we can proceed with the realization equipping ourselves with wooden togas and sheets of tar paper that can protect the wooden planters inside as the plastic does in those on the market.

If we prefer the natural color of the wood, we can give our creation a coat of protective varnish, but no one forbids us to color it in various shades also in theme with the house or garden that hosts it using specific colors for the wood.

Wooden planters for balconies

They are not at all out of place wooden planters if placed on a balcony. Not at all, indeed, they recall the colors of nature and for this reason they help create a garden atmosphere also on the fifth floor of a building immersed in traffic.

The important thing is to make sure that the quality of the planter is good so that it does not deteriorate. The choice of the type of vase or planter it is also linked to the type of plant it must contain, this also affects the size and shape. There are also wooden planters equipped with grate for the growth of climbing plants or with comfortable feet that facilitate cleaning and avoid water stagnation.

Wooden planters for outdoors

Outdoors, gods can be used to create sub-zones in the same garden wooden grills combined with wooden planters. Perfect coupling to obtain a very natural and relaxing effect. The planters made of wood they are a valid alternative to those made of stone, the bike depends on the style we have chosen but certainly one wooden element in the open is less embarrassing than a plastic one.

To avoid deterioration and damage every now and then just empty the planter, remove the soil stuck to the walls, use an abrasive paper and a product for protecting the wood.

Wooden planters: prices

Not because of wood instead of plastic, these planters become particularly expensive if you consider even less immediate advantages. Resistance, adaptability, malleability. It is quite obvious that the price varies depending on the model and size, increasing if the wooden planters are "combined". In general, it goes from 10 to 100 euros, on Amazon you can see numerous examples.

Cheap wooden planters

In addition to online, we can find wooden planters of various models at affordable prices and of good quality in stores such as Leroy Merlin, Obi and Brico. If we are already in these stores, we can also take a look at thegardening tools.

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