Dog breeds suitable for children

Dog breeds suitable for children

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More than of dog breeds suitable for children it is necessary to talk about suitable dogs, because even non-purebred ones can be the perfect play and growth companions of human puppies. And from specimen to specimen, even of the same breed, many character traits can change. There are certainly some breeds of dogs suitable for children that in general can guide us in the choice, let's read about them but with caution and without precluding any possibility.

Beyond the presence of a child, it always is It is important to inquire about the nature of the dog in order to be prepared to welcome it and get along with it. If we already know that ours and his character are not compatibleit is useless to start a coexistence destined to fail.

Dog breeds suitable for children: what are they

Each dog breed has very specific characteristics, we are talking about hunting, defense, guard and companion dogs. Of course not all animals are compatible with the presence of a child, especially if small, but we do not assume that a guard dog cannot also be a great babysitter and in the same way, we evaluate well the character of pet dogs who are sometimes so self-centered that they can't tolerate being put on the same level as a newborn.

Dog breeds suitable for children: small size

If we're talking about children under the age of 5, it's best to choose child-friendly dog ​​breeds that are small in size. Not so much for the character as for its own size problems: a very young child may feel awe if he is a divide the space with a giant of 40 or 50 kg, even if it's the best in the world.

Among the dog breeds suitable for children under 5 we find the Maltese, the Shih Tzu, the Pug and the Poodle, the Dachshund and the sympathetic Bolognese.

Dog breeds suitable for children: large size

With older children, they don't they risk being crushed or hit by their big dog, we can also choose dog breeds suitable for large children, always checking that they have a gentle character. It is also good to specify that, entered the age of reason, children must learn that dogs, and all animals, are not soft toys. It is therefore necessary, from that moment on, learn to respect them, whether they are purebred, mestizos, small or huge.

We come now at large breeds of dogs suitable for children, we can find several by looking for good dogs in the dedicated article. I will mention two for everyone: the St. Bernard Dog and the Great Dane.

Dog breeds suitable for children or mestizos

THE mestizos can be very sweet dogs to keep in the family even with very young children, taking care of their size. It is always important not to approach them biased, because a non-purebred dog is not necessarily unruly and rude, or lively and impetuous. Rather!

Another preconception is that of wanting a puppy to grow dog and child together: we also evaluate the fact that when we adopt an adult dog we already can know the "final" font and size. With a puppy, it's a bit of a gamble.

Dog breeds suitable for children: books

Whether you choose one breed or another, or a non-purebred dog, the essential thing is to know how to manage it and teach him to follow the rules. The child will also grow better if he learns immediately a to relate in a healthy and natural way with a dog. DIY doesn't always work, better browse a good guide like Dogs and children: instructions for use.

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