Bromhidrosis: natural remedies

Bromhidrosis: natural remedies

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Bromhidrosis, the name given to a problem related to sweating. It is used to describe that chronic condition in which you sweat emanating a bad smell. It can happen to the armpits but also for the soles of the feet or the scalp. It is not always associated with hyperhidrosis, there is no automatic link between these two problems concerning sweat.

Axillary bromhidrosis

There axillary form of bromhidrosis it is one of the most common. There are also numerous and common remedies available to make sure that the fact of giving off bad smell can create psychological and social problems. One of the most trivial ways to try to limit the damage of axillary bromhidrosis is the use of a deodorant. Not one by chance, though: let's choose this one "Roll on”, For example, that penetrates the sweat glands inhibiting their activity.

Other forms of bromhidrosis they concern the skin of the hands, toes or more superficial layers but are less common and should be treated with other types of remedies.

Apocrine bromhidrosis

There more common between the two types of bromhidrosis it is the one called apocrine and affects mainly the inhabitants of Asian countries, male and who have puberty as a memory. In this case the bacterial decomposition products of sweat they contain ammonia and short-chain fatty acids which cause strong and pungent characteristic odors.

Eccrine bromidrosis

This is the other type of bromhidrosis we know, much less common than apocrine and which affects regardless of sex, age or ethnicity.

Secretions in this case are odorless, basic, but become unpleasant to smell if we ingest certain foods, including garlic, onion, curry, alcohol, or some medications such as penicillin and bromides. There may be at the origin of the eccrina, gods metabolism problems.

Natural remedies bromhidrosis

In general, but especially for fight the eccrine form, we can begin to limit the consumption of spicy foods, garlic, onions, alcohol and caffeine and at the same time drink plenty of water because it helps dilute sweat and dampen the smell. Sometimes even drugs can cause you to sweat with bad smell so before we get desperate, if it's a drug we're taking occasionally, let's check that this isn't the cause of bromhidrosis.

A Positive aspect" of this pathology is that it has no aesthetic consequences on the skin, if it is not associated with other skin problems, therefore it does not foresee chapping, irritation or inflammation.

It is certainly not easy to make the diagnosis because there are certainly no gods instruments that measure the odor of the human body and even if they invented them, who could establish the level beyond which one can speak of stink?

You rely on common sense and if you have the I suspect I have bromhidrosis we contact a doctor who can also investigate the presence of a possible alteration of the bacterial flora by analyzing a sweat sample with a microbiological examination. There is also one skin surface analysis, to be done with Wood's lamp which verifies the probable presence of bacteria such as Corynebacterium minutissimum or particular substances.

Bromhidrosis in children

It's infants rarely suffer from bromhidrosis because it usually mainly affects post-pubertal individuals. It is a rare problem, in general, but it is better not to underestimate it because, when it occurs, it can also create embarrassments and anxieties. The fact that you stink, even if you wash, significantly interferes with social life and it would be hypocritical to deny it.

Bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis

It is not yet fully clear the existing link with the hyperhidrosis but so far what can be said is that they can occur independently. Hyperhidrosis consists of one excessive secretion of the eccrine glands. It can promote the spread of apocrine sweat and thus accentuate bromhidrosis, or it can improve the symptoms of bromhidrosis by going to "dilute "the smell of apocrine sweat.

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