Oregon vortex: explanation

Oregon vortex: explanation

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Oregon vortex, a house, a mystery, a tourist attraction that many visit with their mouths open. Its mystery has not yet been uniquely revealed with this one atmosphere of suspense let's get to know what happens in this area of ​​about 165 meters in diameter.

They have been reported for years strange phenomena, worthy of special effects of the best directors in the American and non-American film industry, the reactions are among the most disparate, there are those who think of trivial optical illusions and those who prefer the version that suspects paranormal phenomena.

Most likely theOregon vortex it is located in an area with a particular magnetic field, since here the compasses indistinctly mark north and south in all directions, each anarchically, making visitors crazy and entertained.

When you enter theOregon vortex, standing, in a relaxed and upright position, oscillates back and forth every 22 seconds, for example: things like this happen inOregon vortex and therefore could not fail to dedicate to this phenomenal place an entire episode of the X-files show, in 1999.

Oregon vortex: where it is

This strange place is located in the United States, in Oregon, near Gold Hill. Before being called the Oregon vortex, it was a regular house built in Gold Hill, Jackson County, its first name was "House Of Mystery". We are in 1890 and the building was used by a company that was involved in the extraction of gold: nothing mysterious or magnetic.

When the company left, it transformed in a school and then in the warehouse and so far, nothing strange had been noticed. Only one morning in 1907, the owner of that time arriving at the house, noticed that it was no longer the same. No vandals or earthquakes, but something was wrong. Calling in witnesses to make sure you aren't experiencing a lucid dream, the one where you think you are in reality, began to notice that both the ground and the trees were perfectly normal, only the house was "upset".

After so much initial astonishment, in 1930 the Oregon vortex became one of America's most important attractions along with the less famous Mystery Spot, even today it can be visited for a fee.

Oregon vortex: explanation

For some time we have tried to give an explanation to what was observed in'Oregon vortex, an area that has always been noted for its magnetic anomalies, so much so that the natives called it a "forbidden zone" forbidding their horses to approach. Over the years, several have sprung up testimonials including those of some blind people who explained they saw shadows that walked beside them and those of some deaf people who remember hearing people speaking languages ​​unknown to them.

Together with the testimonies and legends, countless explanations have also sprung up, but none of them revealed the definitive. Till now. Perhaps the most scientific was provided by a geologist, John Lister, a mining engineer and physicist, who studied the area from the 1920s to the opening of the site in the 1930s, until his death in 1959. Today we can be content with an explanation that binds the Ames room and the phenomenon of going up and down, motivating more than 90% of what happens in the Oregon vortex.

The phenomenon called “Uphill downhill"Is a very rare optical illusion: when a descent is preceded or followed by a steep uphill stretch, the latter becomes a misleading reference for the observer and is led to confuse what goes up from what goes down. In our house of mysteries there are all the conditions for this to happen, geographical but also human conditions, which affect the perception of those looking at the house.

There "Ames room", second part of the explanation, is a room invented by the American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames in 1946 by a idea of ​​Hermann Helmholtz. From the front it appears as a normal parallelepiped-shaped room, with two parallel vertical side walls, a back wall, a ceiling and a floor parallel to the horizon. If you investigate better, however, the plan of the room is a trapezoid, the walls are divergent and the floor and ceiling are inclined. Playing with these "tricks" you partially understand what happens inOregon vortex which, however, remains a very fascinating mystery

Oregon vortex: video

In this place the dimensions of objects and people change, some become taller, some shorter, others see brooms standing alone and balls rolling uphill. There are no fixed rules, you can see it well in this video.

Oregon vortex and other mysteries

There are other places where, similar to what occurs in Oregon, the ordinary laws of physics no longer apply, or due to a confluence of highly unstable anomalous magnetic fields, or due to trivial optical effects. Some destinations for lovers of mystery and optical and other illusions are the Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania and the Mystery Spots in Santa Cruz, California.

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Video: The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery - Short Documentary (December 2022).