Pressure cooker: use and benefits

Pressure cooker: use and benefits

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Pressure cooker, for many a salvation, but whoever understands it as a synonym of insipid minestrone must change their minds because it will soon prove to be an ally in the kitchen. Not only because it allows you to prepare much tastier recipes but also because it saves time, it is a safe technique keeps the nutritional principles intact of many foods.

Pressure cooker: use

There pressure cooker it is generally used for all those foods that require prolonged cooking: legumes and cereals in the first place but not only. The reason why many approach the pressure cooker it is the fact that it can speed up the cooking phase, it saves not only time but also effort and energy reduces the environmental impact of our cooking.

To get an idea, with this technique i foods cook in less than half or even in a third of the time and minutes required we don't have to spend them staring at the pot itself. There is no need, she does it herself and we can do something else.

Who wants check what happens, he may be disappointed, but those who want to quietly mind their own business will rejoice. Just stay with the ear strained to notice when the valve starts whistling.

Pressure cooker: advantages

The savings in time, energy and effort already seem to me to be huge benefits that personally convince me by themselves. I'm for the pressure cooker. Those who are still perplexed must take into account that when you use it, you can cooking delicious recipes even if lightly seasoned. It is not magic, there are those who thought of it by designing it so that the food would cook "steamed", at a pressure higher than the ambient one, also greatly reducing cooking times.

Pressure cooker: cooking times

The cooking times dictated bypressure cookers they are thus reduced thanks to the operating principle on which it is based and to the presence of a hermetically sealed lid that keeps most of the water particles inside.

All the particles that are therefore usually dispersed by evaporation in the pressure cookers they stratify by exerting a certain pressure on the cooking liquid. This is why inside thewater compressed by the steam it reaches boiling no longer at 100 ° C but at 120-130 ° C, significantly shortening the cooking times of food.

Pressure cooker: recipes

Using the pressure cooker you have one more homogeneous distribution of heat at the time of cooking, this therefore has the consequence that the cooking liquids are better preserved inside. Not only that: also vapors, perfumes and aromas that the same cooked foods give off they do not disperse.

This makes the pressure cooker the best way to prepare boiled meats and stewed dishes, as well as all those vegetables that cannot be cooked in a short time. It should be added that, beyond the recipe we choose, this pot improves the digestibility of cereals and legumes and does not alter the thermolabile vitamins.

For the more imaginative, there are numerous and creative accessories to use to make the pressure cooker also a tool for cook the meat on a grill, reducing the boiled effect, or for cook flans, timbales, creams, puddings and vegetables in a kind of bowl.

Pressure cooker operation

Those who want to explore the secrets of pressure cookers can read them in the dedicated article.

Pressure cooker: prices

On line and in household and appliance stores, often even in well-stocked hypermarkets, we can find pressure cookers of all kinds and various capacities that are measured in liters. As for pricing, let's get ready to spend 70 euros but also 150, depends on the size and quality of the object.

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