Bullet journal: meaning and ideas

Bullet journal: meaning and ideas

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Bullet journal, such a modern and international name for an ancient tradition that is back in fashion and, renamed with a foreign accent, sounds better. If this is enough to push most to take note of their life and their projects by dedicating themselves to a diary agenda do it yourself, then okay, let's call it "Bullet journal" and we proceed by arming ourselves with paper, pen, markers and all the material with which we can give vent to our creativity.

Create your own Bullet journal it is used to organize without this operation becoming heavy, it plays down and in the same way makes fun something that is usually always postponed because it is boring to do. With this in hand diary agenda traces of the past are preserved, you are able to better appreciate the present by staying focused on what we are experiencing now and at the same time you have space, on paper and in the mind, to plan for the future. Because living in the present we can think of things to do or not to do in the future, and it is good to write them down in the pages of Bullet journal.

Bullet journal: meaning

Bullet means bullet, but bullet point it is already closer to ours Bullet journal because it defines a bulleted list. In fact what we are talking about is a diary that it is based on lists. We can decide which lists ourselves, and from month to month we can modify them according to needs and tastes.

Come on books to read to the films seen whose title we don't want to forget, give them expenses made to understand why the accounts do not add up, up to the gifts that come to mind for next Christmas, even if it is June. It is never too early to think about it.

Who instead thought of that useful tool we call Bullet journal is Ryder Carroll, however, leaving us the freedom, if not the task, to create it in our image and likeness. It starts with a notebook or notebook, with blank pages, to leave our imagination free in making the ideas and dreams that we have inside us take shape without our knowledge.

Bullet journal: ideas

Without wishing to influence someone in the design of the Bullet journal personal, here are some ideas that can be ideas if you have a blank page panic. Useful is a page that acts as a monthly plan, to live our present with foresight, at least for the 30 days and little more we have before us.

A weekly plan to me it is the best solution, in addition, but there are those who instead want a page for every 24 hours of their existence to be able to write every commitment hour by hour.

In addition to the beating of the minutes, on Bullet journal we can mark the menu of a possible diet, exercise or expenses of the month, if these are important parameters for us and that escape our mind. I like to mark the holidays of every country in the world, the releases of the films that I have been waiting for for some time, the theater shows that I don't want to miss.

If this does not stress us, we can also set daily goals, concrete and achievable, to then check them off with satisfaction at the end of the day and go to bed serene and satisfied, and above all satisfied with ourselves. In the morning, the Bullet journal can also be the place where to transcribe the dreams made, as long as they remain in mind.

Bullet journal app

There are numerous apps for both iOS and Android that offer Digital bullet journals. I personally prefer the paper version, because when I write with pen and pencil, I memorize better and I can indulge myself with greater freedom.

The app of Moleskine, is one of the best, but if you really want a Bullet journal touch screen. I advise you to try several, because there are some curious, less known ones, but which can satisfy your aesthetic taste.

Bullet journal: symbols

Just write, on a Bullet journal, it's a real shame, because the symbols and drawings are of great help when you want to write down schedules, commitments and highlights of the day in a practical and synthetic way. Then the star, the heart, the tree, the arrow. And not only that, because I often like to illustrate my commitments in a way that is mine Bullet journal you almost become a comic or an encrypted diary. The important is don't forget your code of symbols, of the series: "who knows what I meant with this crossed ball!"

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