Dogs and TV: what they see

Dogs and TV: what they see

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Dogs and TV, not on TV, but in front. They are often seen looking at her but not as a human or a parrot might. Our loyal friends have their own way to watch the small screen, better get informed to tune in to channel they prefer.

Dogs and TV: what they see

They look, but what do they see? It is automatic to wonder when we notice how the dogs stare at the screen. They see the images, but what they are attracted to is above all the sound. Voices, noises, soundtrack, everything that is sound attracts attention, but better if it is the yelps and barks of other dogs.

Also the shots hit the dogs and the same is true for sounds that may resemble those emitted by a toy or a prey. Rumors only interest our furry friends if they look like gods orders or compliments addressed by man.

If by surprise without being heard, let's observe Dogs and TV, we see that they do not stand still in front of the images. Anyone who has an animal at home has certainly noticed: they commute between the screen and the humans staring at it with insistence. What do they think?

Who knows! And we're still unable to say which programs they prefer, if movies, talk shows, cartoons or tennis matches, but one thing is certain: they have their own tastes. They depend a lot on the dog, there will be the one bothered by too violent films, the one bored by football, the other who drools in front of the cooking show.

Dogs and color tv

Will the dogs have noticed that the TV has colors? Do they see the difference between high definition screens or not? The answer lies in studying the vision of dogs. IS' dichromatic, unlike the trichromatic one we humans have. This means that these animals perceive colors in the wavelengths of blue and yellow.

Logos and scenographies in which these colors predominate are the favorites of dogs, more sensitive, however, to movement in general with respect to color combinations. This is why high quality screens, where color does not “dance” are very popular when it comes to dogs and TV.

Dogs and TV: video

To choose videos suitable for our friends, we can rely on the results that are emerging from some studies done to understand what their eyes follow in a movie. Tracing the eye movement, you understand how they love to observe scenes that see their fellow men as protagonists. They are very interested in it but, a bit like it also happens to me, that are not too long films or videos.

The dogs, more restless than myself, cross scenes of a few minutes, or even less, and catch here and there even handfuls of seconds and then turn away. We can try to involve them in the vision of the cartoon Dogs & Cats - Kitty's Revenge.

Dogs and TV: movies

Always following the advice of those who are studying the interaction between dogs and tv we can find some titles suitable for them in the article dedicated to cartoons with dogs.

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