Cream of artichokes, recipe and variations

Cream of artichokes, recipe and variations

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Cream of artichokes: recipewith or without potatoes, artichokes and leeks, light version and advice on the use of fresh or frozen artichokes.

After seeing the recipe forcream of chickpeas, let's move on to that of the velvety or soup ofartichokes. Therecream of artichokes, as well as that of chickpeas, is also suitable for the palate of children as it has a very delicate flavor and a soft consistency. Therecream of artichokesit can be made sweeter or more aromatic based on the addition of extra ingredients such as:

  • potatoes
  • prawns
  • spinach
  • leeks
  • shallots
  • onions
  • carrots
  • celery
  • various spices

The properties of artichokes are manifold. If we take a look at the nutritional values ​​of artichokes, we will notice that they are rich in potassium, sodium and phosphorus. Among the vitamins of theartichoke we report a good supply of B vitamins and vitamin C.

Cream of artichokes without potatoes

Let's start the recipe for artichoke soup without potatoes, a classic version that can be made lighter by omitting or changing some ingredients. Let's deal with the classic recipe first and then we'll see the light variant.

Therecream of artichokesit has a mild flavor, it is a recipeeasy to prepare in 20 minutes.

Cream of artichokes without potatoes, original recipe

-Difficulty: low
- Preparation time: 20 minutes
- Cooking time: 20 minutes
-Type of recipe: vegetable-based, vegetarian

Quantity for 4 people

  • 8 medium-sized artichokes
  • the juice of one lemon
  • 2 liters of vegetable broth
  • 20 grams of rice starch
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50 grams of Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Salt as needed
  • Nutmeg (optional and to taste)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (optional, to be added raw)

Cream of artichokes: the procedure

  1. Grate the Parmesan.
  2. Cut the upper part of the artichokes and remove the most external and hard leaves.
  3. Cut all the artichokes into 4 wedges and also remove the internal hay.
  4. Dip the artichokes in water with lemon juice to prevent them from blackening.
  5. Put the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. When the butter has melted, add the rice starch and cook for a few minutes.
  6. Add the drained artichokes and the vegetable broth in the pan with the butter.
  7. When the artichoke bottoms are cooked, blend everything with salt to taste and pass the cream through a sieve to remove any strands of the leaves.
  8. To complete the preparation of the dish, add the egg yolks and Parmesan cheese to the cream, mix with a wooden spoon to dissolve everything well and serve still hot.
  9. Serve by completing the dish with some croutons and a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil.

Cream of artichokes with potatoes, the recipe

Those who prefer can add to the ingredients listed above potatoes boiled and mashed, nutmeg or even cooking cream, bechamel or bacon.

Although the original recipe does not include the addition of these ingredients, these components have the ability to make thecream of artichokestastier but also more caloric and less suitable for dinner!

In the case of thecream of artichokes and potatoes, the tubers are boiled and added directly in the mixer, then continue with cooking as seen in the procedure.

the cream of artichokes can be used as a condiment for meat dishes. A denser version and then shrunk over low heat can be used asartichoke creamand accompany toasted bread and bruschetta.

Cream of light artichokes

In the light version, only ingredients of vegetable origin must be used, therefore: remove the butter, remove the cheese and add a spoonful of strictly raw oil.

You can clean and cook the vegetables over medium heat, with a little water. Those who have this luck can steam all the ingredients so as not to disperse the precious micronutrients in the broth liquid.

In the light version you can add potatoes, carrots, celery, leeks and a drizzle of oil to be added only after cooking, when the cream is now on the plate.

Cream of frozen artichokes

For the preparation of thecream of artichokesyou can use, in the same way, fresh artichokes or frozen artichokes.

I strongly advise against the use of frozen artichokes because they cost more and represent a real waste ... without considering that a fresh, just harvested product retains more nutrients than a frozen product.

Why are frozen artichokes not recommended? If you have a good blender or kitchen mixer, it is not necessary to thoroughly clean the artichokes. For the preparation of thevelvetyin fact, you can also use the stems and the less tender parts of the artichoke. Frozen artichokes have only the "heart", the most tender and suitable part for the preparation of risottos and courses that do not require the use of a thermomix or mixer.

How to make soups and soups in 20 minutes

If you love the soups and soups, you can consider purchasing a dedicated appliance which, thanks to pre-set programs, allows you to prepare velvety and soups in 20 minutes.

In the case of the cream of artichokes, all you have to do is wash the vegetables and put them in the jug, just like you would with a food processor with integrated cooking.

Those who have a thermomix can use that, while those who don't want to invest too much money in a food processor can use an appliance dedicated to the preparation of velvety and soups.

Among the appliances on the market we point out thePhilips Viva Collectionwhich prepares soups and soups in 18 minutes. He can prepare (cook and blend) soups, creams, soups, jams, compotes and smoothies.

The Philips Viva Collection can be bought on Amazon at a price of 133.94 euros with free shipping costs, it has been updated with the 2018 model which has technical improvements (cooking is improved, has more programs, 6 cooking modes and pre-preparations -set) and materials (always in stainless steel but structured to simplify cleaning). In electronics stores it is priced at around 150 euros. Within 18 minutes he was able to preparesoups and soupsfor 4 people for a capacity of 1.2 liters of product.

The device mentioned is just an example, the market offers similar appliances even less expensive. I pointed this out to you because I have personally tested it and it is very convenient, especially easy to clean. A good solution to make soups and soups, and serve them at least once a week without having to bother pots, blenders etc ... With this type of appliance you just need to dirty a cutting board, a knife and ... that's it!

With the cream soup program, it manages to return very fine creams without pieces, even if you put the stems of the artichokes in the jug, those that you would otherwise have thrown away among the kitchen leftovers.

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