Planetary or food processor

Planetary or food processor

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Planetary or food processor: considerations before purchasing. It is better to have a planetary mixer or to use the function kneaderof a handyman robot?

If you are wondering whether to buy oneplanetary or a mixer, you are starting on the wrong foot. Thereplanetaryin fact, it is a type of mixer that is very widespread even in the professional field.

The gastronomy workshops, in fact, can make use ofmixershook mixers, spiral mixers, fork mixers, planetary mixers…. The real dilemma, before buying, should fall on the choice betweenplanetary mixeriskitchen robot. Both the appliances mentioned (planetary mixer and food processor) allow you to mix solid compounds (leavened and non-leavened doughs) and liquid compounds (intended for the preparation of desserts).

To better choose whether to buy akitchen robotor aplanetary mixer, there are considerations to be made based on personal needs.

Planetary mixer, what it is and how it works

Thereplanetary, as stated, it is onekneaderdesigned not only for professional use but also for domestic use. It gives excellent results and can help us prepare panettone, timbales and any type of flan that requires a dough of any consistency at home.

Unlike other household appliances (whisks, mixers,multifunction robot...) that are limited to working the dough more or less sufficiently, theplanetaryit is SPECIFIC for doughs and for this reason it must be considered an authentic mixer.

The difference is hisoperation. How does a planetary work? This device is characterized by the movement of the mechanical arm that mimics that of the planets (that's why it is calledplanetary!).

In practice, the arm turns the whisk (or other connected accessories) on itself and in addition it turns it around the center of the bowl.

Thanks to the movement of his arm, theplanetaryit offers a perfectly uniform mixture because the whips touch every point of the bowl and at the end of processing the container walls will be clean.

Planetary or food processor, how to choose

You should orient yourself on choosing oneplanetaryself:

  • you want to work large quantities of dough at a time.
  • Do you want to prepare panettone and other long-lasting doughs.
  • You want to make fresh homemade pasta. Among the accessories, the planetary mixer also offers dies for different formats.
  • You want to prepare bread and pizza.
  • If you have enough space on the work surface (the planetary takes up space).

On the contrary, you can bet onkitchen robotself:

  • you want to use it especially for making desserts. The planetary mixer is perfect for desserts because it can whip egg whites, cream, make mayonnaise or make puree ... however these functions can also be performed by an equipped mixer or by thekitchen robot.
  • If you only make cakes, know that an electric mixer or food processor may suffice for liquid doughs. The same rule applies to shortcrust pastry too.
  • If you only make bread or pizza, rather than in betweenplanetary mixer and food processor, you should choose between planetary andbread machine. The bread maker allows leavening and baking without using the oven.

The planetary mixer arm can have various accessories, the most common areflush, flatand hook.

Akitchen robotit allows to:

  • knead
  • Fit
  • To cut
  • Homogenize
  • Chop
  • Blend

And even the most complete ones allow you to:

  • Weigh
  • Cook
  • Steam cooking

For all information onkitchen robot(advantages, prices and operation) we refer you to the dedicated pageHandyman robot.Food processors are a real help, especially those that integrate the cooking function, however they cannot offer the effectiveness of a mixer when it comes to working dough of a certain consistency.

Economic or professional planetary

Those looking for an economic planetary mixer or a professional planetary mixer, can consult prices and models on the Official Amazon page dedicated to these appliances. When making your choice, carefully evaluate power, dough capacity, material, speed and the presence of the safety functions of the motor block (in practice, the arm stops if it is improperly raised while it is kneading). The presence of a splash cover is very useful otherwise you will end up with small fragments of dough here and there.

For more information, please refer to the page: best mixer, which one to choose.

In the photo above, theKenwood Kitchen Machine Planetary Mixer with steel bowl, 500W motor, excellent mixer with planetary (planetary) movement. According to the opinions of those who have tried it (including us!) It is highly appreciated and also very complete.

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