Cat eye diseases: symptoms and treatments

Cat eye diseases: symptoms and treatments

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Cat eye disease, whether they are serious or not, they are not to be underestimated because they affect these animals in one of their strengths. In addition to being beautiful, in fact, the eyes of the cats they are valuable and essential to them that they use them as radar, to move and to identify prey, even at night.

This does not mean that a cat with poor eyesight, perhaps due to old age, is no longer able to orient itself, but sight is a sense that felines particularly care about and we as masters must act accordingly.

Cat eye diseases: what are they

The most common cat eye diseases are partly the same in the feline version, of those that we humans can suffer from. I refer for example to the conjunctivitis, as well as the cataract. Old age also leads to vision problems, which physiologically worsens, but other pathologies that can also occur at a young age are keratitis and infectious ophthalmitis.

Cat eye diseases: conjunctivitis

Now let's see one by one Cat eye disease we mentioned, with their symptoms, learning to recognize them or at least to make us doubt and then turn to the veterinarian.

There conjunctivitis it is often due to the presence of foreign bodies that cause an evident inflammatory state when they appear small purulent crusts. These are the cisps, they must be cleaned, sometimes the mother of the little kitten does it but if we are the ones to parent the cat, then we must proceed with chamomile compresses. We can also use boric water but be careful: it disinfects but burns!

Eye diseases of the gatto: keratitis and cataracts

IS' an inflammation of the cornea, when the cat suffers from it, he finds his vision blurred, which is rather annoying. It can be seen when it comes to keratitis because we see the animal particularly slow and insecure in its movements, which is rare for a feline.

There cataract among the cat eye diseases it is not the most frequent, but it is better to know it, even if only for superstition. If the situation is very serious, it is necessary surgery, otherwise we can try to cure cataracts with potassium iodide eye drops

It can happen when glucose levels are particularly high, in case of diabetes or for a glaucoma which causes an increase in intraocular pressure and aqueous humor in the orbits. It can also blind a cat, glaucoma, and to cure it need the vet.

Small cat eye disease

When an elderly animal becomes visually impaired, it may only be due to age, but if it happens when it is still a tender kitten, then it is better to investigate the causes. Between Small cat eye disease there is the infectious ophthalmitis, recognizable because it causes serum to leak from the eyes. We can intervene by carrying out washes and packs, if we catch the pathology at the beginning, otherwise they may be necessary antibiotics, to be prescribed by the vet.

Another reason for low vision that even a young cat can see is a problematic occlusion of the tear duct which leads to continuous and constant tearing. This is what happens when one is created on the face of our friend blackish streak near the nose, at that point one can only take him to the vet.

Cat eye diseases: cures

There are Cat eye diseases that require the vet, others that heal themselves with compresses, but in general what we can do as cat owners is to keep their eyes as clean as possible. For example, keeping these disposable wipes at hand from 15 euros to the package, soothing, detergents and lubricants, also excellent for the dog and containing eye drops.

Cat eye diseases: tips

In addition to the remedies already illustrated, other tips for Cat eye disease they can relate to prevention and the loving attention with which we must observe if the animal has something that does not convince us. Not always closely linked to the gaze: even gods indecisive movements can result from a vision problem.

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