Gemmoderivati: list and properties

Gemmoderivati: list and properties

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Bud derivatives, at the base of gemmotherapy, and so far it is easy, but then we must be careful not to confuse this with the crystal therapy. The first, the one we will talk about, is an alternative medicine practice that has existed since the 1950s, derives from classical herbal medicine and is inspired by the principles of homeopathy.

Gemmoderivati: properties

In main ingredients that are used to produce the Bud derivatives they are sprouts, small roots and of course the vegetal buds, we obtain preparations that help our body during the "detoxification".

To intuit the properties of Bud derivatives was the Belgian doctor Pol Henry when he studied the growing embryonic tissues of some plants and saw that there were "special" active ingredients. Different, both in quality and quantity.

What distinguishes classic herbal medicine from gemmotherapy it is the fact that the first uses flowers, leaves, roots and barks when they are already "adults", the other instead begins to take advantage of their properties when they are growing and developing. THE Bud derivatives in fact, they are obtained from freshly harvested embryonic tissues, whether they are buds and emerging shoots of trees, or seeds and catkins, or roots and their bark. More rarely, the lymph can also be used.

Gemmoderivati: how to take them

Gods Bud derivatives a small amount is taken which is diluted once filtered. The solutions that we can obtain, ready to use, have been "dynamized" according to the criteria of classical homeopathy and are the starting point for plant-based homeopathic remedies.

As for the preparation of Bud derivatives, since it is very difficult to have large quantities of wild plants available, it is remedied by cultivating the same types with criteria that make them feel wild. This means "no" chemical fertilizers and pesticides of synthesis and "yes" careful selection.

Roots, peels of roots or rhizomes they are to be harvested in autumn or winter, buds and bark instead, in spring. Immediately they are crushed and left to macerate for 21 days in alcohol (45 ° -65 °) and glycerin, then they are left to decant, squeezed and filtered.

Bud extract for weight loss

Excellent for detoxifying our body i Bud derivatives they are not directly used to lose weight but help to get back in shape. They do not provide energy, more than anything else they act as stimulators and are used for homeopathic drainage.

This allows us to detoxify our body from accumulated toxins, heavy metals contained in drinking water and also in the air we breathe. Not to mention the various harmful substances that we find in food: insecticides, herbicides, preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes. THE bud extractives they help get rid of all that.

Gemmoderivati ​​list

White Fir
Chaste tree
Strawberry tree
Beech tree
Ash tree
Horse chestnut
Cranberry and black
Sea Buckthorn
Olive tree
Elm tree
Pine tree
Oak tree

Bud extract: black currant

We find it in the list, and it is one of the Bud derivatives best known and used. We find the Black currant also in a supplement, 200ml for 28 euros on Amazon, recommended in various situations. Its traditional use is for hypoadrenalism, acute allergic-inflammatory syndromes that tend to be chronic; stress asthenia.

Arteritis; hypotension; mononucleosis; gastritis; colitis; dysphagia; hepatitis; pancreatitis; respiratory tract diseases; rheumatic syndromes; arthritis and osteoarthritis; prostatic disorders; dermatitis; dermatosis; hypoadrenalism; respiratory and epithelium-mucous allergies; psycho-physical asthenia.

Bud derivatives for cholesterol

There are combinations of Bud derivatives which are also effective in fighting cholesterol by helping the liver to dispose of excess cholesterol and rebalance the relationship between "good" and "bad". It is a preparation that mixes Ash, Olive and Almond with Milk Thistle and Juniper that protect the liver. The Birch must be added because it activates the processes of purification and drainage.

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