Braided Pachira

Braided Pachira

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Braided Pachira: how to weave the pachira stem, how much this plant costs, where to find it and how it can be grown. Info on cultivation and care.

With the nameAquatic Pachira a tropical species of the Malvaceae family should be indicated. There Aquatic Pachira it is, in fact, a tree of considerable size that can reach a height of 18 meters ... however, it is commonplace to callaquatic pachiraalso an ornamental plant that we Italians lovecultivateas a houseplant!

The beautiful aquatic pachira grown as a houseplant is none other than thePachira glabra, a close relative of the aquatic Pachira, so much so that they share the same origins and sometimes even the same name.

Braided Pachira

There pachira it is classically sold as a plant with a twisted stem. The trunk is intertwined when the plant is still very young and has not yet reached the first year of age.

Cultivating the pachira: cultivation and care

Therepachirait is an easy plant tocultivate. Here are some helpful pointers oncultivation of pachiraand on thecareto be given to this beautiful houseplant.

Where to place it
Therepachira in potit should be placed at home, in a very bright position but not placed under direct sunlight.

Any houseplant should never be kept near radiators, air conditioners or drafts that risk dehydrating the plant.

Grow pachira in pots
Every month you should be careful to rotate the pot of your pachira by 180 degrees, in this way the plant will be illuminated evenly.

How to cure pachira in the summer
In summer, mild temperatures allow us to move the plant outside. Place it in a sunny area but where the sun comes in a filtered way or in a very bright area away from direct sunlight.

How to irrigate the pachira
The ideal temperature forcultivate the pachirafalls within the range of 18 - 22 ° C. When temperatures rise, it is necessary to nebulize the plant and leaves in order to keep the humidity level of the soil and the foliage high.

How to fertilize pachira
Vital for thecultivationof a strong, healthy and luxuriant pachira, are thefertilizations. To fertilize the pachira use a fertilizer for green plants to be administered about every 15 days. Fertilizer administrations every 15 days must be carried out only in the vegetative phase, that is, from the beginning of spring until late summer. Avoid fertilizing in autumn and winter. To fertilize the pachira, dilute the fertilizer in water and administer it in the doses indicated on the label.

Braided Pachira, how much does it cost

The price of oneaquatic pachirafrom the intertwined stem can vary greatly depending on the number of trunks, the age of the plant and especially the nursery that offers it. If you are looking for an aquatic pachira at a good price, buying and selling online cannot be ruled out.

For example, on Amazon, an aquatic pachira from 45 - 50 cm in height, with a braided trunk (these are 4 intertwined stems!) Is offered at a price of 14.34 euros with shipping costs included in the price. A very low price considering that in the nurseries in my area (Salerno) I could not find a pachira with a braided trunk with three stems for less than 25 euros! Ikea itself sells aquatic pachiras with braided stem (four trunks) at a price of 30 euros for each plant of about 40 cm.

How to weave the pachira

For information on how the intertwining of the trunk of the aquatic pachira is done, please refer to the article dedicated to the intertwining of Ficus benjamina and Pachira: a plant with an intertwined stem.

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