How to give a cat a pill

How to give a cat a pill

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How to give a cat a pill even if he has no intention of taking it from our hands? Certainly we cannot begin to explain to a feline that he needs to get better and that it is not our perverse will to torture him. Exist various techniques, you can find the one that works, don't worry, just be more stubborn than cats and at least as smart as they are. By following the advice of lifelong cat owners, you can learn how to give a cat a pill without getting scratched. You can also ask the vet How to give a cat a pill, receiving ad hoc advice from those who know your friend personally.

How to give a cat a pill

If you have never tried this feat, you may be wondering what the problem is when it comes to understanding How to give a cat a pill. These animals are us to be adored and adorable, apparently angelic, but not when they have to comply with orders or prescriptions. Including those of the treating veterinarian.

Yet certain diseases and certain ailments require the administration of capsules by mouth and there is no other way to cure them. It is not possible to explain it to catsindeed, as soon as they realize that we intend to give them some medicine, they are careful not to give us a hand. Let's see how to reach our goal unscathed.

How to give a cat a pill by hiding it

Let's make fun of them, without them noticing - and it's not easy - by hiding in food the capsule we want them to swallow. It is the first technique that concerns the How to give a cat a pill to try, it does not always succeed but it is worth making a soft attempt, before moving on to smarter and more evil methods.

If the cat is not so battered and inappetent, we prepare a small ration of baby food but it is very good and fragrant. In one of the mouthfuls we wrap the pill, without letting us see. A variant is to crumble the tablet and then mix it with a little water and shoot it in the mouth with a syringe but it depends on the type of tablet and our ability with syringe.

How to give a cat a pill by distracting him

It is not easy at all distract a cat, let's try to do it with a toy or with a simple thread or rag that can attract his attention. Once you have fun, let's take his head gently, with the left hand, thumb and index finger on the jaw, so that the nose points to the ceiling.

With the right hand we press on the lower incisors using the index finger to open the mouth and quickly placing the tablet on the tongue. Not all cats give up that easily, if yours spits it out, as my two often do, it is better to throw the tablet towards the uvula, closing the mouth firmly. There are on the market mechanical pill shooters but it is better to change technique than to use these devices of dubious utility.

How to give a cat a pill without scratches

If we already know that we are dealing with aggressive cats, better move on to the following method immediately, understanding How to give a cat a pill without getting scratches. It is useless to distract or hide pills, it is better to grind them and create a pasty mixture with his food and then spread it on his paw, so that the cat feels dirty and licks.

It is a kind of mockery, exploiting the hygiene instinct of this animal but it is for a good purpose and we must not feel like traitors. A variation of this technique lies in the spread the dough around the mouth hoping he licks his mustache.

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