Donkey trekking: donkey rides

Donkey trekking: donkey rides

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Donkey trekking or donkey trekking. Costs, where to practice it in Italy and what to expect from this experience.

The donkey is considered a very communicative and sociable animal, in fact it is an animal that has been domesticated for millennia and used by man to transport food and goods. There are different breeds of donkey, spread all over the world and there are many tourist resorts that offer the experience ofdonkey trekking.

Unlike the more thorough and hasty trek, the one with donkeys is also suitable for families with children.

Donkey trekking, what it is

Thedonkey trekkingis a practice related to the so-calledslow tourism and consists of making excursions accompanied by donkeys. The donkeys will be responsible for carrying backpacks and other things needed to make the hiker's walk easier and more.

L'ass, indonkey trekking, should not be seen only as a towed animal, but as an adventure companion that allows you to savor the taste of slowing down.

L'assit is a peaceful, slow, calm, safe and quiet animal. He is able to show calm even in chaotic situations, giving tranquility to those around him.

Thetrekking with donkeys allows the hiker to fully enjoy (and in complete tranquility) the views and glimpses that gradually arise.

Trekking "on horseback" of a donkey

In some circumstances, theassnot only carries the hiker's luggage but also takes care of the hiker himself.

The donkey is much smaller than the horse and, although it is used to carrying heavy loads, if you prefer such an experience we recommend you go trekking on horseback. In Greece and Turkey, there are many centers that offer trekking astride a donkey. Here in Italy, such an experience is offered in Sicily, on Mount Etna, in Piedmont, in Sardinia, in Campania and all the other regions ... however, knowing better the meek donkey, you will notice that it is much better to be accompanied by this animal rather than getting carried away. For an experience "riding" the donkey, make sure it is a fairly robust breed.

Donkey trekking, how to dress

Avoid jeans, velvet pants, Bermuda shorts or shorts. Wear comfortable clothing, light t-shirt, t-shirt and heavy or medium-light fleece… obviously depending on the season and temperatures. Wear waterproof hiking boots. If you can't do without shorts, wear high trekking socks. A hat with a visor must never be missing.

Donkey trekking in Piedmont

The Donkey Sports Association offers donkey rides "on horseback" or accompanied by this animal. It even offers donkey training courses!

The costs of the excursions vary according to the duration, ranging from 15 euros for half a day up to 60 euros fordonkey trekkingtwo days (cost of meals and accommodation separately). To the costs mentioned it will be necessary to add 15 euros for insurance and the membership fee. Also very interested are the photo tours a donkey step.

Donkey trekking in Veneto

The cooperative "The Berici”(Cell. 348 7548756 email: [email protected]) offers guided tours on donkey among the beautiful Berici hills.

Land of the Donkeys"(Cell. 347 7823072 email: [email protected] or [email protected]) offers the opportunity to ride a donkey on some paths in the Euganean and Berici Hills and in the Venetian Pre-Alps.

Donkey trekking in Trentino Alto Adige

In Trentino Alto Adige there are two associations that organize donkey treks: the first is the association "Aurel”Which offers guided tours in Val Gresta. For more information, please call 320 - 8080131. The second is "Where Donkeys Think”Which organizes donkey trekking in the beautiful Dolomites of Val di Fiemme, Val di Non and Val Canali. The treks can be carried out in the day or also include overnight stays in tents. For more information, you can send an email to the address: [email protected] or call the number: 345 - 8738292.

Donkey trekking in Lombardy

The Onlus Social Cooperative A Passo d’Asino in Via N. Torriani (Milan) organizes donkey rides in the parks located in the province of Milan, Monza - Brianza and Bergamo.

Trekking in Rome

The Cleopatra Association, Sport, Culture and Wellness, organizes walks side by side withdonkeyshalf day or full day. The excursion will leave for Fosso della Riforta in the Rignanese countryside. The half-day excursion with donkeys has a cost 15 euros (including insurance) while the cost for the day excursion is paid 20 euros (once again the price includes insurance).

Donkey trekking in Sicily

The experience oftrekking with donkeyson Etna which, thanks to its spectacular landscape, is able to offer an experience like no other. For information, try searching for the Etna Donkey Trekking cooperative.

Someggiato Trekking in Sardinia

The AgriPaules camping farm has only 5 rooms, is completely surrounded by nature and offers different trekking experiences with donkeys. Not only that, it offers horseback riding, raft trips on the Gulf of Orosei, canoe rental on the lake and many other services to get in touch with nature.

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