T-zone of the face

T-zone of the face

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T-zone of the face, “T” for its shape. It is a problem area for those who are attentive to facial skin and we should all be, since it is not a "mere" aesthetic issue. When the T-zone of the face is full of blackheads or particularly oily, it means that our lifestyle can be improved. Let's see how. Sometimes it is enough to correct the diet, others to change cleansing products, still others to make it a habit, in the evening, to pass on the face a natural substance with "magical" properties.

T-zone of the face

We do not see the boundaries, especially if they are not detected particular skin problems, but the fact remains that the T-zone of the face is imaginary, it goes from the chin to the center of the forehead, extending from temple to temple. It is so well known and has these specific boundaries because it emerges to be the area of ​​the face that is most likely to be fill with pimples and blackheads, or appear shiny if we have generally oily or combination skin.

There are natural remedies to make the T-zone of the face it is not anti-aesthetic, without burying the imperfections with heavy makeup but by removing impurities.

T-zone of the oily face

When we talk about oily skin we mean a skin that has an oily appearance, it happens more frequently in the T-zone of the face than in others. In theadolescencemoreover, oily skin goes hand in hand with acne and makes it impossible for many young people to accept look at each other and accept themselves as they are. Instead of despairing, at 16 or 46, let's see how it is possible to intervene in a natural and at the same time effective way.

First, let's debunk a myth: oily skin must be hydrated and how! And it must also be kept clean. This means not washing your face in the morning and stop, but washing the T-zone of the face and everything else at least three times a day to remove any makeup, but also smog, dust and dirt since they contribute to the formation of blackheads or acneic comedones.

Washing must be done with hot and highly mineralized water, avoiding creams and lotions that flaunt completely false slogans and end up dehydrating the skin. What we need for the T-zone of the face is the natural soap with Aloe and if we put on makeup, remember to wipe with witch hazel oil that absorbs excess fat.

We can then prepare one astringent mask, mixing a spoonful of clay with lemon juice, then applying it once a week to eliminate impurities and close enlarged pores.

T-zone of the face: remedies

There are "general" and natural remedies for ensure smooth and healthy-looking skin also in the T-zone of the face. For example, a scrub to prepare with our hands with honey and sugar, very simple, but if we prefer something ready to use, there are patches against blackheads on the market, strongly not recommended, however, for those with particularly sensitive skin: they are painful!

Against the oily skin and blackheads can also help a citrus-based face mask that have valuable astringent properties. Lemon and orange they are fine, mixed with yogurt and cucumber pulp. It is not necessary to remove make-up, just choose water-based cosmetics and avoid oil-based foundations and concealers.

T-zone of the face mixed

Combination skin requires of avoid products that applied to the face not only make the skin more oily than ever, but they destroy even the most fragile layers. Better to look for natural substances to be on the safe side and it is not even necessary to get strange ingredients. Simple baking soda is perfect, for example, and just massage a little on it T-zone of the face once a day.

Another very simple remedy is the facial vapors, a couple of times a week to regulate oil production in the skin. Lemon juice it also helps to tone the skin after we have washed the T-zone of the face: it is astringent, fights free radicals and regulates the production of sebum.

Finally we find linseed oil, not to be applied but to be ingested: a teaspoon a day helps digestion, let's not forget it as it should not be forgotten to do a lot of physical exercise, because sweating is very good for T-zone of the face and also to the rest of the body.

T-zone of the face: blackheads

To avoid the formation of blackheads on the face you have to wash it several times a day to remove both the signs of a possible make-up and the excess sebum. In general, astringent substances make pores tighten so they are what you need.

We can prepare a homemade cream mixing in equal parts lemon juice, lime juice, white vinegar, mineral water and tomato juice, and then apply it by massaging well. After 3 minutes it can be removed to admire the results. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables certainly discourages blackheads, we can also buy on Amazon for 10 euros and use a very practical kit to remove them.

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