Laziness: how to fight it

Laziness: how to fight it

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Laziness, want to do anything or inability to do it? To what extent does it become a sort of status from a conscious choice, from being a slacker, that we can't get rid of? For this reason it is important to become aware of our possible degree of laziness by carrying on with learning how do not overdo the sweet doing nothing. If it is too much, it has bitter consequences.

Laziness: meaning

There are people who need to be asked to do something insistently, almost to the point of obsession, to make them proceed, There are others that perhaps seem more reactive, but then they obey by snorting and acting reluctantly ... with results that, as we can imagine, are not great.

This is laziness, but so is the one that characterizes the attitude that makes people appear as if they are locked in an impenetrable bubble, who limit themselves to essential actions, to satisfy basic needs, and stop. There is no need to hide that when laziness reaches high levels, irritation also rises: it is not easy to live with a person "suffering from laziness" at home or at work, especially if they are chronic.

Chronic laziness

To have sometimes the desire to do nothing is normal, it is physiological, it is a must: we are not machines programmed to do and it is right to find the time to be, and that's it! But when we are nothing for most of our days, we have fallen victim to a chronic disorder.

It's about a dangerous habit which must be “treated”, because it triggers a vicious circle in which the less you do the less you want to do and to start over it is necessary to tear down a massive wall. What divides the Occasional laziness, and also healthy, from the chronic one.

In the second case, stimuli, enthusiasm, reproaches, duties, urgencies: everything bounces off us and nothing manages to break through our being by letting us exist. In this state of immobility and absence of action it is necessary to ask for help and to commit ourselves with constancy, to detoxify from inertia which in addition to keeping us away from fatigue and sweat, precludes us from the possibility of live satisfactions and victories to the full.

Laziness: remedies

When you are pathologically lazy, you know, you feel it, even if it is difficult to admit it. It is not necessary to make a mea culpa, the important thing is to be aware of it and react. Let's start by taking note of what our current activities are and with draw our "business boundaries", also marking on a block, what we want to do and what not. It is important to write it down and face how we have limited our being.

When it comes to getting out of a state of Laziness, one cannot be picky or even lie to oneself and to others by claiming that "we are thinking" when we are lazing around. To reactivate, it is best to choose one manual activity, more measurable, but not only.

It is more likely to give immediate results and these encourage us to continue with ours anti laziness path. Let's not fixate on a single action but let's go, because there is a risk of passing to fixation, for cleaning, for running, for… let's not move the walls: let's tear them down!

Laziness: exercises

Let's start with simple exercises, because if you are lazy you certainly don't desire to undertake who knows what strange activities. We stay with our feet on the ground and begin to work with clay, das, plasticine or clay. Or to embroider, to cook, to take care of our garden or balcony. As we admire the results of our effort, we will feel more motivated to continue.

To choose the former winning activities, let us rely on what our interests are, or what they were before get sick of chronic laziness. We begin to dedicate ourselves to what gives us a feeling of pleasure and freedom, from what we have it moves something inside, which creates cracks in the wall.

Laziness: aphorisms

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before being tired. Jules Renard

It is laziness to spend too much time in studies. Francis Bacon

Many men have lives of quiet despair: do not resign yourselves to this, rebel, do not drown in mental laziness, look around you. Dare to change, seek new paths. taken from "The fleeting moment"

The real crisis is the crisis of incompetence. The drawback of people and nations is their laziness in seeking solutions and ways out. Albert Einstein

Self aphorisms are not enough and we are not so lazy that we cannot read a book, here is what it does for us: Good morning laziness. How to survive in the company by working as little as possible. Intelligent and sarcastic reading, by Corinne Maier.

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