How to detoxify the body of heavy metals

How to detoxify the body of heavy metals

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How to detoxify the body of heavy metals: a guide on how to detoxify from the heavy metals present in our body.

With the increase offood awareness, the concept ofheavy metal intoxication. The danger of heavy metal intoxication does not consist in ingestion in a single ration.

Heavy metal poisoning

The human being bases his survival on food intake and breathing. This means that we open ourselves to the internal world through two systems, the respiratory and the digestive one. By opening ourselves to the outside world, we allow substances to enter our organism via the airways (through breathing) or through the digestive tract.

Every day we are exposed to different risks: we can inhale viruses and catch the flu or inhale other harmful chemicals. We can ingest a toxin that causes us indigestion or we can ingest toxic substances that gradually accumulate in our body ... iheavy metals.

Fortunately, our body is oneperfect car and most ofheavy metalsingested (nickel, mercury, aluminum ...) they are expelled through sweat and urine.Warning!We said "the big part". There is no statistical data yet so it cannot be generalized, however it would seem that a small percentage ofheavy metalsit would tend to accumulate in our body.

Heavy metal poisoning, symptoms

There are many users who ask me about the possible symptoms of aheavy metal intoxication. Each organism is a story in itself and, given the lack of accurate statistical studies, it is not possible to generalize; there are, however, some conditions that have been indirectly attributed to an accumulation of heavy metals in the body. These conditions are:

Irritable bowel syndrome
Bacterial or fungal infections
Bad body odor
Stomach cramps
Skin rashes
Resistance to lose weight
Gas and bloating
Eczema / Acne
Bad breath
Autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders
Autoimmune Diseases
Hormonal problems
Brain fog
Multiple sclerosis

As already stated, let's not talk aboutsymptoms of metal intoxication heavybut only of conditions that have been linked, directly or indirectly, to the possible presence of heavy metals in the body.

How to detoxify the body of heavy metals

To detoxify the body from heavy metals there is chelation therapy but this should never be taken lightly and never followed with do-it-yourself methods. In this paragraph we will focus on those who are thenatural remediesthat can protect us from heavy metals.


Fordetoxify from heavy metalswe must make our gut our best friend! Stress and poor nutrition do not help the gastrointestinal tract. To start, look after your diet and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Food variety

Don't always eat the same foods, choose variety! Change foods often and also ingredients… Variety is everything in the food sector. You provide your body with different micronutrients and accustom it to assimilate different substances. In addition, by always varying foods, you will reduce the risk of accumulation of heavy metals.

Food order

Eat little and often. Avoid skipping breakfast. Glycemic instability would favor the accumulation of heavy metals in the body. Try to eat regularly, avoiding binge eating or fasting.

Food awareness

Do you know what you are ingesting? Always research and read the label, especially if it is a precooked food. Pre-cooked foods or canned foods should be avoided altogether.


Glutathione will help you detoxify the body from heavy metals; in particular, it will help you cleanse the liver, benefit your intestines, immune system and lungs. How to take glutathione? Do not miss asparagus, peppers, carrots, onions, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, avocado, grapefruit, bananas, beets ... there are several foods that contain glutathione and it is always better to eat them very fresh (just picked) and possibly raw. Fill up on garlic too!

Physical activity and rest

Get your body the right amount of rest and enough sleep. In daily life, physical activity must never be missing.

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