Bach flowers: list and price

Bach flowers: list and price

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Bach flowers, for those who suffer from anxiety or stress, for those who are afraid or for those who feel depressed even for no apparent reason. They are 38, divided into seven groups according to their healing virtues. According to Bach himself, therefore, there are flowers for the fearful, for the uncertain, for those who are not interested in the present, for those who feel alone, for the hypersensitive, for the discouraged or the desperate and even for the overly selfless. There are those who believe that by solving these uncomfortable situations, excellent results can also be obtained on physical ailments such as colitis, stiffness, muscle, fatigue, psoriasis and nervous gastritis. There are no contraindications: Bach flowers they are for everyone.

Bach flowers: what they are for

For every mental state, even momentary, according to Bach, there is at least one flower suitable to trigger one positive, psychological evolution, sometimes with physical feedback. Of course, you need to be patient and use i Bach flowers if you want to see the benefits.

Bach flowers: list

A boring list of Bach flowers it will not be what I propose here, now, in fact I find it much more useful to indicate a book that provides a list that can be consulted at will, if necessary, out of curiosity or because we want to place hope in Bach flowers to improve our quality of life.

Is titled "The great book of Bach flowers”, Can also be found on Amazon and is a complete theoretical and practical guide to flower therapy by Bach. Leafing through it, you can discover the secrets of a therapy already developed seventy years ago to overcome without anything chemical or harmful, "the negative moods of human nature“.

It is not difficult to learn correctly use the properties of the 38 Bach flowers but you can't do it with do-it-yourself methods, you need a list and someone to guide us through the names of flowers and moods that are not always easy to identify.

Bach flowers: anxiety

One of the cases in which the most frequently searched Bach flowers a remedy is that of anxiety states. Not one but several flowers are suitable for this situation, each acting slightly differently. There Rock Rose it is perfect for those who are terrified of the world, experience deep fears, suffer from panic attacks complete with tachycardia.

The Cherry Plum it is instead indicated in cases where anxiety is the consequence of very strong emotionality, even innate, of the individual himself, Star of Bethlhem it is the flower who is immobilized by stress, the Oak, made from the flowers of the oak, goes to help those who, always full of commitments, feel too much responsibility and are anxious.

Between Bach flowers for anxiety, a cocktail called Rescue remedy, a mix of flowers specially packaged to remedy theanxiety of various or unknown origins. The ingredients of this blend are no secret, here they are: Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Star of Betlehem, Clemantis and Impatiens.

Bach flowers: test

There are numerous tests to detect Bach flowers that can best meet us in what are our emotional difficulties. On line, free, you can try some by comparing the results and then comparing yourself with your trusted herbalist.

If from the questions it may seem like one sort of psychological test, as a magazine, it is not. These are questions designed to probe our habits and our feelings, to provide us with support in view of an initial choice of flower remedies. Then, we can always adjust the shot, going from flower to flower.

Bach flowers: properties

Before knowing more precisely the individual properties of Bach flowers, it should be clarified that these are not remedies to cure diseases: they act only by triggering a reactive force that allows a person to make a positive change.

A first effect of this type of therapy is that of one greater self-knowledge. By asking ourselves which flower is right for us, we discover what is wrong with us, and it is a trivial and precious result at the same time. Not creating addiction and having no particular contraindications, Bach flowers they are also suitable for children and there is who even uses them for animals.

The only important warning is not to put away the Bach flowers the hopes of healing from pathologies and disorders for which drugs and specialized doctors are needed.

Bach flowers: do they work?

There is no single and truthful answer to this question. Not because Bach flowers are wrapped in who knows what mystery, but why their effect varies greatly from our approach and the reaction our body and mind have when we take a few drops.

There are cases where they work, but generally it is observed that produce different effects on subjects with different emotions.

Bach flowers: price

THE Bach flowers they are a natural and accessible remedy for every wallet, plus a few drops are consumed every time, not liters and liters. To get an idea, a 20 ml bottle can cost from 8 to 10 euros.

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