Milkshake without ice cream

Milkshake without ice cream

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Milkshake without ice cream: how to prepare a good smoothie without ice cream at home, using only milk, ice cubes and fruit.

It is strongly recommended to use well ripe fruit, to be kept in the freezer for at least a few hours before the start of preparation.

Thesmoothie without ice creamit is prepared with more milk (or cream) and ice cubes, omitting the ice cream base. Generally you need to use at least 8 ice cubes for every 300ml of milk. For example, the banana milkshake without ice cream it should be prepared with 200 ml of milk, 8 ice cubes and a ripe banana.

Milkshake without ice cream, the ingredients

It is very simple to preparefruit smoothie without ice cream. You will only need 3 ingredients, here are which ones:

  • milk
    better if whole
  • ice
    in cubes
  • fruit
    better if well matured

To prepare thesmoothie without ice creamyou will need to use a blender. The most suitable blenders are those capable of shredding (or rather, mincing!) Even ice.

For quantities, you can experiment until you find the flavor and texture you want. By increasing the amount of fruit and decreasing the amount of milk, you will get amilkshakecreamier. By decreasing the amount of ice you will get a homemade milkshake more full-bodied. Here are some starting doses, with experience you will be able to dose at your discretion and palate.

  • 250 - 300 grams of fruit in pieces
  • a glass of whole milk
  • 8 - 10 ice cubes

The milkshake should be blended for only 15 - 30 seconds, depending on the type of blender (power) available. Some blenders have a program dedicated to homemade milkshakes.

Chocolate milkshake without ice cream, quick recipe

Those on the hunt for an easy, quick, light and tasty recipe ofchocolate frappe without ice creamcan use three simple ingredients. Here's what you need to make a quick and easy milkshake:

  • a frozen and ripe banana
  • a spoonful of cocoa
  • milk as required
  • two ice cubes

At least 6 hours before starting the preparation, peel a banana, cut it into cubes and put it in the freezer. When you have decided to enjoy your milkshake, take out the banana and immediately transfer it to the blender with the other ingredients. Run at maximum power, pour into the appropriate glasses and drink!

The spoonful of cocoa powder can be replaced with spreadable chocolate such as Nutella (for a Nutella milkshake) or with some chocolate cubes to be made malleable before putting in the blender.

How to serve milkshakes

To best serve the homemade frappé you can choose the classic glassesmilkshakeAmerican, there are both disposable and glass on the market.

On Amazon, a set of 6 glasses inAmerican Style(actually they are very vintage) for milkshake you buy with 21.37 euros with free shipping. If you have smoothie glasses at home, you can use those too!

Not only does the glass have to be tall, to embellish yourshomemade milkshakeyou can use whipped cream, mint leaves, pieces of fruit, caramel, thyme leaves or other spices.

The smoothie without ice creamit should always be served in long glasses, correlated with a straw, ornament and a suitable spoon; to get an idea of ​​the type of spoon, please refer to the page: Cromargan spoon set.

Everysmoothie without ice creamit must have its own decoration: peanuts, biscuits, small fruits… do not limit your imagination, you can also use nougat, amaretti, toasted almonds, blackberries, blueberries, other berries… both as an ornament, and to blend to enrich the frappe without ice cream.

The secret to a good smoothie without ice cream? Fruit!
For the smoothie without ice cream, always choose ripe fruit! The more unripe fruit tends to give less flavor to the milk, giving you backmilkshakeless flavorful.

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