Flaking nails: causes and remedies

Flaking nails: causes and remedies

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Flaking nails, it can happen and we can even ignore it. However, it would be better to take care of it and investigate the reasons for this fragility since there are natural remedies to reinforce them and to avoid that every time we do a slightly more abrupt gesture or we bump into an object unintentionally. The flaking nails are not a serious thing but they can be annoying, for those who particularly care, maybe they decorate and color them, instead, it is definitely a drama.

Flaking nails: causes

An important sign of our state of health, the nails flaking or chipping they can help us understand if we have physical problems or deficiencies that have not emerged in other tests such as blood tests or visits. Or, they can induce us to do it, even if apparently there we feel in shape. In short, breaking nails can be an important indicator of our health.

Other times I'm just a warning related to some bad habit adopted regardless, such as the use of particularly aggressive detergents and detergents. If we are of those who grab packages at random, from the shelves, paying more attention to the packaging and the price, than to the nature of the products, it is better to re-evaluate our selection criteria by aiming at ecological detergents, both for our good and for that of the environment.

Sorry to say, to some friends who care so much, but the nails that often flake are those covered with enamels, this happens contain aggressive substances, but some types of nail reconstruction should be avoided. Removed the external causes, let's move on to those of a more "medical" nature: anemia and thyroid problems, for example, they can manifest themselves with the fragility of brittle nails, as well dehydration or gluten intolerance.

Even the fungal infections are among the causes, both for the hands and for the feet, and often the flaking is accompanied by an unpleasant yellowing, in these cases it is better to have a medical check-up as it is even if the flaking nails are the signal of some nutritional deficiencies . They particularly show this symptom diets deficient in zinc, vitamins B6 and B5, vitamin A or calcium, responsible for proper nail development and growth.

Flaking nails: natural remedies

They do not replace medical checks and any therapies prescribed later, but there are natural remedies for flaking nails and it is good to know them. You always can associate with medications or food prescriptions of the doctor in order to solve the problem sooner and better.

Between more comfortable and effective remedies there are the one based on oil and lemon and the one with herbs, even the paired papaya and egg works, or the oil and honey one. To find out more I recommend our dedicated article - Natural remedies for brittle nails- with lots of recipes to prepare them at home.

Flaking nails: tips

As you may have noticed, the reasons why we could find ourselves with flaking nails are many and of a very different nature. Detergents, nail polishes, poor eating habits or various pathologies. Better, as soon as we notice a strange fragility of the nails, ask the doctor for advice, informing us at the same time, on existing and feasible natural remedies.

Also your trusted herbalist it can be a reference, to know how to deal with the problem of flaking nails, there are also excellent ad hoc products like this "Renforce Ongle" strengthening treatment for brittle nails, on Amazon, for 17 euros. It is worth a try, because in life it is better to always be ready to pull out your nails.

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